Monday, October 19, 2009

Park City Getaway...

We were in need of a little vacation so we took a little weekend adventure to Park City...We had perfect weather, wonderful food, and loads of fun! We should do this more often...

Daddy and Cupcake on the Alpine slides Cupcake and Mommy taking our usual self portrait...Me and my Handsome Hubby on the Trolley on Main street....Cupcake thought it was greatDaddy and Cupcake swimming...and Daddy stealing kissesCupcake being so good during dinner
Our little fam at dinner...
My fave dessert at dinner...Caramel MousseCan't forget the yummy Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's Caramel Apples!!!
After Park City we went to have a little celebration for Mal and Tay's birthday's hope you guys have a great birthday week...cause I like to celebrate all week!

Monday, October 12, 2009

We love the Fall as I have said a million times, but I just thought I would show you why.....

Picking out "Punkins" as Cupcake calls them
Taking her Punkin she picked for a ride...Jazz Games and supporting family...we came to watch Bri dance at half time...she is a Utah Flash Pinnacle Dancer. This is me and Malibu my sis waiting patiently for half time. Mallory doing what she does best...being a nerd! Mallory and Maddie giving Okur a high five!
Family time Painting Pumpkins with all the kiddo's and Mommy's Friends at Playgroup Getting serious about the Pumpkin Painting
Soooooo Creative
Family Fun Outings...Me and Mal out to lunch before a fun day of shopping

Grandma Patti and Cupcake at lunch
And last but not least cooking cook-off's
Ambie, Me, and Bri waiting the outcome of our Egg sandwich cook-off
The Judges....Daddy, Landon, and Bri
The Cooks...
Oh how we love the Fall
oh ya and I won!!! heehee

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our baby is....TWO!!

Happy Birthday Cupcake! So we hit a huge milestone in the Miller home over the weekend! Our baby is no longer a baby! She is officially 2! We have been waiting patiently for this day to come, as it comes with lots of changes...for example the terrible two's, potty training, independence, more activities, and us feeling like we are in need of a baby in the house, because ours is growing up! We threw a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party for Cupcake and invited all her friends and cousins to come in costume for mini mickey pizza decorating, games, cupcakes, and cake, presents, and lots of fun! We had about 15 of her darling dressed up friends come and join in on the special day with us and I must say it was a ton of work but well worth it. Cupcake had a blast with all her friends and family and the kiddos had a great time as well! Thanks to everyone who came, you guys are the best! Happy 2nd Birthday Cupcake!!!

Our little Cupcake is not so little anymore.... She looked so cute in her Minnie Mouse costume....Minnie shoes and all!
Tasting the food for the pizza decorating before everyone got there
One of the fun tables for the PartyThe Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CakeParty Favors for her Friends...Jam packed with goodies such as Mickey Mouse and Friends playing cards, crayons, frisbee's, kaleidoscopes, paddles, yoyo's, stickers, magnets, and lots of yummy treatsSome of the Pizza decorating fun!Cupcake's Mickey Mouse Pizza...ready for the oven Cupcake getting ready to open her loads of presents....she has the best friends and family Opening Grandma Patti's big present...A Princess Vanity!!! Daddy and Cupcake getting some snuggle time! Playing pin the Mickey with all the kiddos...Mommy helping cousin Max a.k.a SupermanCupcake helping with the games instead of playing them...Our little family with our now TWO year old!Cupcake at Grandpa and Grandma Walker's....with her new Princess Table