Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Here I Come...

The more and more I think about this I realize that I need to be spontaneous more often!!! In March I went to the Miss Utah meeting with Terry Marchbanks and our current Miss Pleasant Grove, Staci. This year the meeting was at UVU otherwise known to me as UVSC, haha, while there we of course saw Beka Grulich the Miss UVU pageant Director, otherwise known to me as my old pageant Director. So she says to me, "You need to come try out for the Utah Valley's Got Talent Competition next month here at UVU, the finalists receive scholarship and get to open for Kelly Clarkson!" I of course love any sort of competition, especially with that kind of a prize, so I said sure! She handed me a flier, and I kinda forgot about it until a few days before, when I got onto Facebook and saw that Beka had invited me to the event as a reminder! I had no idea what I would sing, what I would wear, or who would watch Cupcake. I decided that I would figure it all out and just choose a song I sang at Miss Utah and get my cute cousin, Bri to help me with Cupcake. I tried out on a Friday got called back to sing again on the following Friday, and then later that evening I received a call letting me know that I was a FINALIST and would be OPENING FOR KELLY CLARKSON!!! Can you believe that! I am so thrilled and still in awe! I don't have many details, all I know is the concert is June 11th at UVU, and I will be singing as well as 4 other finalists, 2 bands, a brother duo, and another girl! What can I say sometimes being spontaneous pays off.....So Kelly Clarkson Here I Come!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Festivities

We had such a wonderful Easter Sunday! I was asked to sing in church and I was teaching primary because that is my new calling, so the morning was a little rushed but it turned out really well! We then headed to My Dad's and Tam's for Easter lunch and after that we went to My Aunt Steph's to have dinner with my Mom's side of the Family! Cupcake had a blast looking for Easter eggs although she did get a little grumpy towards the end of the day, due to lack of sleep! Lunch and dinner were both amazing, we were so spoiled! Thanks to everyone who cooked the fabulous meals and thanks to Grandma Patti for the great Easter Baskets and to My Dad and Tam for the great gifts as well! We are so grateful for all the wonderful family to share this special holiday with!

Cupcake filling her Easter basket

Kaia and Cupcake at My Dad's Easter Egg Hunt Cupcake, Kaia, and Tregan at Grandpa and Grandma Walkers Our Family
Daddy of course had to wear his authentic Masters shirt
Me and Cupcake Enjoying the Beautiful Easter weather The Girls on My Mom's side of the Fam
The Great Easter Baskets from Grandma Patti
Thanks for all the fun stuff especially the digital picture frame
Cupcake's Easter goodies from Mommy and Daddy
Daddy, Me, Cupcake, Grandma Patti, Uncle Tay, and Aunt Mal