Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So much to do...and so little time!!!

This years 24th of July weekend was such a blast but as always very jam packed with events! We were invited by my Dad to go to Park City for the whole weekend and so we couldn't pass up the offer! But of course we already had two big family events on Saturday the 25th. My Aunt Carina's Baptism, which she asked me, my sister Mallory, and my Mom to sing at, and we also had our nephew Max's first birthday party. Being our usual selves we can't seem to not try and make it to everything. So like I said our weekend was jam packed but it was packed with lots of fun and family! I will post Baptism and Birthday pics later, because I already have way too many pictures from Park City. We left Friday morning and spent the whole day with unlimited passes to the Alpine Slides, the Zip line, the new Roller Coaster, all the kid rides and much more! We had an adventurous day to say the least. Saturday was our crazy day but we still managed to get back to PC and relax by the pool. Sunday we went into Downtown Park City for Silly Sundays. It's like a big fair with food, vendors, and entertainment! We had so much fun with my Dad's side of the family and can't wait for the next Vacation! Thanks Dad and Tam!

The whole clan after Dinner
Daddy, Cupcake, Me, Tam, My Dad, Annie, Tregan, Jenna, Kaia, and Joe

Cupcake and Annie on the way there Kaia and Cupcake getting ready to head out for the day
Kaia and Cupcake enjoying all the fun rides
They loved playing in these rocks which are all over!
Daddy and Cupcake riding the Carousel for the umpteenth time
Daddy and Cupcake taking a quick brake
Cupcake and Kaia loving the Pool day
Tregan, Cupcake, and Kaia snuggling up in bed
Me and Cupcake walking through the craziness that is Silly Sunday's in PC
Our fam ...it was sooo hot if you can't tell
The kiddos taking a break at the top of Main Street
Tregan, Joe, Cupcake, Annie, Jenna, Kaia, and Me
This pic is from our first day but by the end of the trip this is what we all felt like! haha

Monday, July 13, 2009

The 4th...and other festivities!!!

We had such a fun 4th of July weekend! We were able to go stay for a night up in Logan at Daddy's sister Meagan and her husbands Brett's house, with Daddy's family. We BBQ'd, played tennis and basketball, played games, watched fireworks, and laughed a lot! We also on our way home went to my Dad's to BBQ and watch the Stadium of Fire Fireworks from their front lawn! We love our Family and of course our Freedom! My cousin Briaunna's birthday is a few days after the 4th so we all went to lunch to celebrate! It has been busy here at the Miller home but we are enjoying the summer...
Daddy and Cupcake having a ball before the Fireworks in Logan Us at the Fireworks in Logan
Grandma Lu and Cupcake
Daddy and Cupcake in Logan
Annie, Me, and Jenna waiting for the fireworks
Our Fam at My Dad's
The Family at My Dad's for Fireworks
Me and Bri
The Group of Briaunna Birthday supporters
The Little Fam

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Showers and Blessings

This weekend was another one of those crazy ones! We had 3 Baby showers and 2 Baby Blessings! My darling friends Stephanie Sumsion, and Jenna Behl are both having boys and are due next month so Melissa Martinez and Summer Kessler threw them a darling combined shower. Which I had so much fun at catching up with great friends that I forgot to take any pictures! My good friend Barb, is having a little girly soon and so we also had her shower! Jason and Carina also blessed both their boys on Sunday, which was extremely special because Carina is going to soon be a convert to the church and Jason has just become active again! We are so blessed to have all of them in our family and we love those boys dearly!

Me and Cupcake at Barb and Baby Jade's shower Jessie and her two favorite babies
Maddie, Erin, and Me being silly as usual Maddie, Barb, (and Jade) Me, Erin, and Kellie Jason, Carina, Hunter, and Connor after the boys blessings Mal, Me, and My handsome Hubby at Jason and Carina's after the BlessingsConnor, Cupcake and Hunter taking a ride in the wagon after a pool day!