Thursday, February 10, 2011

Monkey Man...6 Months

I know I frequently say this but WOW how time flies!!! Our little Monkey Man is 6 months old this month! We are so blessed to have him and are loving how much his big personality is starting to come through! He and Cupcake are becoming quite the little buddies and are starting to really interact and play with each other...well Cupcake just kinda dances around him and makes funny faces and Monkey laughs! But either way they love each other so much and its so darn cute! Here is just a little preview of how they "play"....We love you Monkey!!!

Monkey Mans 6 month well check stats
Height - 27 1/4 inches - 79%
Weight - 17.8 lbs - 51%
4 month well check stats
Height - 25 inches - 48%
Weight - 15.15 lbs - 67%

This is how the little guy sleeps all bundled and snuggled up by his Mickey Mouse!

I realized that I never posted a pic of Monkey's here it is! I refinished the bedside table and the dresser myself at like 8 months preggers which was fun but kinda tricky...haha! The bedside table is Daddy's from his room growing up and the dresser (next pic) Is my dresser from growing up...Kind of nostalgic. Daddy and his brother and friend worked hard one night to put up the waynes coating on the walls...also I made the lamp shade and my cute Sis-in-law helped me make the curtains and throw pillows on the chair, and my Grandma made the quilt as a gift! Gotta love projects and family!
Changing table/Dresser...(sorry kind of a crooked pic) The knob on the cupboard drawer is a G which I thought was so fun and cute!...Don't mind the bright orange towel hanging on the wall...heehee