Saturday, July 26, 2008

Borrowed, Broken, and Blogging

So I have had tons to blog about these past few weeks, Grams Birthday, Alycia's Bachelorette Party, and just some good Summer Fun!!! But the camera that I have had for the past month and a half has not been working, and what fun are all these posts without pics! So normally I would not be too concerned about the camera but, it is not mine!!! My cousin Amber who has been in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic with my other cousin Briaunna, has my camera and I have hers! She needed a smaller camera and asked to borrow mine in exchange for hers. Which was a good trade off cause hers is probably worth two or three times more than mine! The down side is now the camera is my responsibility, so I have been taking really good care of it! Unfortunately the one day I don't have it in its case it gets dropped! Not from very high up but none the less the flap that covers the memory card has a little chip in it that broke and that small piece was a VIP Very Important Piece! It pushes down a sensor that lets the camera know that the flap is shut! So to make a long story short, I have been stressing about fixing her camera, and making sure I get those Pics on the memory card! Luckily its being fixed and not costing too much! So as Amber returns home today, she will have her camera back and I will have mine!!! Yea! And to make up for the lack of blogging, here is a cute pic of Cupcake from when went to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country with Carina, Hunter, and Bailey!

If anyone needs a good camera repair guy, let me know!!!

Shower for Conner Owen!!

Gifts for Conner (not including the huge stroller)
Carina (she is so ready to have Conner)Mommy and Cupcake

So the Shower for Conner Owen Lindsay was a success! Conner will be Jason and Carina's second baby boy! We had so much fun at the shower, between the games, gifts, grub, and gigantic double wide stroller that we all went in on for Carina, it was lots of fun! Ok Conner its time for your arrival!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun Filled Saturday!!!

Brides, Babies, and Beauty Queens!

Cupcake Playing in Max's new Toy BoxMaddie and Cupcake
Kirsten, Meagan, Me, Cupcake, and Jessie
Me, Christina, and Carly
The Miss Utah Prep Squad

Saturday was a busy day! We had Maddie and Alycia's combined shower! Maddie and Dan are due to have their baby, Max, on August 15th and Alycia and Roman are getting married on August 2nd! We had the shower at Em's (my sis-in-law) House and it was fun to see all of Lu's side of the fam and watch both Maddie and Alycia get ready for these exciting times in their lives! Then later that day my mom and I went to the final night of the Miss Utah Pageant. Christina Miss UVU the girl Carly and I were helping did superb! It was her first year attending Miss Utah and she ended up placing as the 3rd attendant! We were so proud of her! All in all it was a really busy but fun day, as are most the Summer Saturdays in the Miller Home!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Miss Utah Preliminary Nights

Me and My Mom

Lizzy and Me

Me and Carly

As most of you know I am a Pageant lover and can't seem to get enough! So the past few days I have been up at the Miss Utah Pageant helping and cheering on a few girls that I have been helping prepare for the pageant! I actually should say I am cheering them all on, because I know the hard work, dedication, emotional and physical stress, sleepless nights, and excitement that goes into competing! I competed at Miss Utah twice and was in the Top Ten my last year! It's so much fun but a very draining process! Being that I was a past Miss UVSC, I have to put that out there because as a mom you kinda feel like that's all you have ever done in your life, so its nice to remember the things I did before I was engulfed in Motherhood, I love to be asked to help any of the UVSC now UVU girls! Carly Tooke-Condie and I went up early Tuesday morning to help Christina Lowe with her Talent Rehearsal and to watch the other rehearsals. We then went to the Gateway and shopped and had some lunch and went back to our hotel to check in and get ready for the first preliminary night of competition! All the girls did awesome and Christina's song, that we have been helping her with, turned out AMAZING! So then we chit chatted with all our old friends and pageant junkies before we retired back to our room for the night. The next day we did about the same thing, and also went to dinner before the competition. My mom came to dinner and the pageant and it was fun to have her there like the good ole days! The only hard part about being at Miss Utah was that I had to leave Presli and Mike for a few days! Thank you so much to My Mom, Mike's Mom Lu, and My Grandma who all took care of Presli! Love you guys! So I will go back up Saturday night to watch the Final Night I can't wait to see who will come out the new Miss Utah!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend of Fun!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!
Cupcake in her Festive 4th of July outfit!

We had so much going on this year for the 4th that it took over the whole weekend!!! We didn't mind all the Family, Fun, Food, and Freedom that we celebrated! Thursday night we went out to dinner at Red Robin and Bowling at Fat Cats with my Family! Friday we went boating at Utah Lake with my Dad's side of the Fam for about half the day, and then we headed out to Payson to have a BBQ at my Grandma's house,, the food was delicious and dessert was even better! My cousin Dani is home from Boston for the summer, she is going to culinary school and wowed us all with her homemade alligator jaws!!! Oh don't you worry the fun didn't end there, Saturday we went to Daddy's Mom's house and had dinner and lit and watched some Fireworks! Overall it was really busy but extremely FUN! We are so grateful for all of our fam that made the weekend a blast and we are especially grateful for all the men and women who have fought and died and are still fighting to keep our Country safe and FREE! God Bless America!

Me and Dani Rockin our Patriotic Outfits!!Mikey and Me Boating with my Dad

Lu and Mike with the SparklersDani with her Famous Alligator JawsHunter and Presli having a ball playing togetherMe, Presli, and Mikey having fun at Fat CatsPresli and Daddy playing aroundPresli loves the summer treat WATERMELON!Maddie, Bailey, Dani, and Taylor can't get enough Red Robin Fries!Me and Cute Bailey at dinner

My Mom and Presli (she loves sticking out her tongue)