Saturday, July 26, 2008

Borrowed, Broken, and Blogging

So I have had tons to blog about these past few weeks, Grams Birthday, Alycia's Bachelorette Party, and just some good Summer Fun!!! But the camera that I have had for the past month and a half has not been working, and what fun are all these posts without pics! So normally I would not be too concerned about the camera but, it is not mine!!! My cousin Amber who has been in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic with my other cousin Briaunna, has my camera and I have hers! She needed a smaller camera and asked to borrow mine in exchange for hers. Which was a good trade off cause hers is probably worth two or three times more than mine! The down side is now the camera is my responsibility, so I have been taking really good care of it! Unfortunately the one day I don't have it in its case it gets dropped! Not from very high up but none the less the flap that covers the memory card has a little chip in it that broke and that small piece was a VIP Very Important Piece! It pushes down a sensor that lets the camera know that the flap is shut! So to make a long story short, I have been stressing about fixing her camera, and making sure I get those Pics on the memory card! Luckily its being fixed and not costing too much! So as Amber returns home today, she will have her camera back and I will have mine!!! Yea! And to make up for the lack of blogging, here is a cute pic of Cupcake from when went to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country with Carina, Hunter, and Bailey!

If anyone needs a good camera repair guy, let me know!!!


Brandie Lee said...

Hey! I hope you remember me! (Dillards, Collin Cooper?) OMG your little girl is adorable! Your blog is way cute! Anyways we should catch up!