Monday, August 22, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh MY!!!

We had so much fun at Monkey Man's Safari themed birthday party!!! Mal and I did Ryder and Monkey's 1 year old birthday party together since they are only 6 days apart. I am pretty sure the boys loved it and the guests most surely enjoyed it...I was a little stressed I have to admit, due to the heat and a few other last minute stresses but all and all it turned out to be a Roaring good time ;)...note to self never do an outdoor Birthday for Monkey again! I had so many fun ideas thanks to my darling and very creative cousin AshLee who did the invites, animal drawings, and placemat mazes. Check out her blog for these fun ideas and millions more that you can print for free!!!, she is a blessing!!! We had lots of yummy BBQ food, treats in the form of animals, and activities to help bring out our inner adventurer! I know that the little one will probably not remember too much but I loved almost every minute of it, so hopefully he did! Beware of the pic overload...

Invite...created by AshCenter pieces and yummy edible cake pops made by yours truly!
Our Safari animals, the kids did an expedition looking for the animals throughout the yard with binocularsOur VIP tour guides...

More animals

One of the explorers Hunter (fitting name) looking for animals... Another Center piece

Food table, with the Happy Birthday banner and year in review banners

Cake pops...lions, tigers, and bears oh my...there were monkey's too of course!

The kids goodie station...treat bags with animal crackers, chocolate bars, and mini rubber animals and snakes. Also the Binoculars, and maze placemats below...

It sure was a hot day...good thing we had lots to drink.

The yummies!!

More food...

Present time


Cake time...our cake chef herself, Dani!

Loved his cake!!!

The cutest cakes I have ever seen made by our cute cousin...let me know if you need one for a party she is amazing!


Diving in

Happy Birthday Monkey Man!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


This little Monkey of ours turned 1 last week!!! We couldn't be happier to have him in our lives! We threw a safari party for the Monkey Man, (pics to come) which was so fun. He is such a sweet boy, but a little high strung like his Momma! Speaking of Momma he is quite the Momma's boy...not quite sure why but it is very apparent. He is saying a few words like "momma", "da da", "daddy", "ba ba". "hi", hi dad", and "lee" aka what he calls cupcake his sister. He his such a character this one, he loves to dance and clap! Especially when watching Yo Gabba Gabba his favorite show. He moves his head back and forth and bounces his body whenever he hears music! He only has his two bottom teeth and is cutting in the top two as we speak. His sleep habits are still amazing and have been about the same since he was 2 months old, 7:30pm-7:30am with two good naps in the day! He crawls so well and fast, he pulls himself up to everything, walks around furniture, and has taken a few shaky steps! He is into EVERYTHING...and I think we are in for quite the adventure with this little man as he grows! WE LOVE YOU BUBBY! Happy First Birthday!

Yummy Cake

I love this pic!What a HAM!

Best friends!

Birthday Boy!

1 Year Stats

Height - 29 1/4 in.

Weight - 20 lbs

Head Circumference - 44 cm.