Friday, March 25, 2011

Disney On Ice!!!

Two weeks ago we had the chance to go to Disney on Ice thanks to my Mom's wonderful phone skills and persistence!!! She had heard on the Radio that they were giving away Disney On Ice tickets so she called in one day and didn't get through so the next morning she heard the offer again and tried one more time! Yea lucky Grandma Patti she won 4 tickets!!! Of course the kiddos loved it...thanks Grandma!!

The Let's Celebrate...Disney on Ice Characters Mal, Ryder, Cupcake, and Grandma PattiMonkey Man was all Disneyed out!Cupcake, Me, and Monkey

Thursday, March 10, 2011


My heart has been so extremely full lately! This time of year seems to be always full of reasons to show our love, including Valentines Day! (which I am finally posting a few pics from) I also feel so grateful for healthy children...this past week I unfortunately miscarried a pregnancy and it really made me think about the complexness of pregnancy, birth, and healthy children! There are so many things that can go wrong and sometimes do. We were not planning the pregnancy but we were definitely pretty bummed for it to end so quickly. I love my two little munchkins and could not be more thankful for them and my supportive loving hubby! Everything happens for a reason and we can't wait when we can bring another little one into this world...whenever that may be!
Cupcake and Monkey on Valentines DayMonkey giving his sweet face look...for some reason he loves to put his little stuffed doggy up by his head and face he does it all the time. Monkey Man and MommyCupcake with her Valentines Present...which included a new Mobi-Go game, stickers, a book, new toothpaste, and of course chocolate!!! Monkey got a new toy too...I promise we didn't leave him out!Mommy and Cupcake