Monday, June 21, 2010

Georgia on my mind...

We are all packed up and ready to leave Georgia bright and early tomorrow head back home to Utah!!! It's a little bittersweet, but I think we are all ready! Daddy is going to be flying back after a much needed week of driving home, wedding hoopla, and family time and going to Alabama for 6 weeks! We sure are gonna miss him! We truly have a such an amazing experience out here and are closer as a family for it! Georgia has been great but nothing feels like home other than good ole Utah!
Things we will miss about Georgia...
-wonderful southern hospitality (Walmart is a whole new experience here)
-wonderful warm weather...minus the humidity, it's killer
-cool thunderstorms
-ward we attended...the people were so welcoming
-complex we live in...including the 6 pools
-beautiful trees
-most of all our fabulous friends out here
Me, Cupcake, and Daddy at our last dinner goal together in Georgia! :(
Cupcake blowing bubbles in our sun room...this room was great for anything the kids wanted to do!!!
Some of the kiddo's watching Cupcake's DVD player at dinner...
Cyris, Noah, Cupcake, and Marli...Cupcake is sure going to miss all her friends!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daddy Time...

On Wednesday morning we were lucky enough to go to the pool with Daddy!!! Cupcake loved it...she usually just likes to do her own thing in the pool but this pool day she just wanted to play with Daddy...they were so cute together and Daddy sure does love his Cupcake a whole bunch! Nothing is better than sweet moments of family time like this...We sure do love our Daddy!!!
Cupcake and Daddy...she was smiling but didn't want to look up cause it was a little too bright!
Daddy catching Cupcake...I love his face and her Superman jump, oh and his wicked farmers tan haha that's what happens when he is outside all day workingAll of the Dad's kept catching the frogs nearby and Cupcake loved looking at them but wouldn't touch...But cute little Ava had no problem holding the frog! Cupcake has a fake snake that is the best we could get out of her...
Fun with Daddy

Friday, June 11, 2010

Saturday Outings...

Daddy usually works all day Saturday so all the wives and kiddo's like to go exploring what Georgia has to offer...Most of the time we end up at Chick Fillet for a fun lunch outing but the last few Saturdays we have had some fun outings!!!

Marli and Cupcake being silly at Barnes and Noble after story time Cupcake, Marli, and Boston listening to the story
Cupcake and Mommy at the Downtown Columbus Space Museum
(yes I know that I am very very preggo looking in this pic...but I am about 7 months along)
Marli and Cupcake getting ready to watch the Sesame Street Space movie...
Playing in the Space Stuff...

We only have a two more Saturdays here in Georgia so we have to try and squeeze in all the fun things to do here!

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Visit From Grandma...

Cupcake got a little surprise over Memorial weekend when Grandma Patti (my mom) came to visit us in Georgia!!! We had a lot of fun visiting, shopping, relaxing, exploring the Riverfront, getting a small amount of time by the pool, and experiencing the Atlanta Aquarium! We were glad she could come see what we are doing here in Georgia!
Cupcake and Grandma at Lunch
Cupcake at Toys R Us driving her new friends that Grandma bought her...(Woody and Jessie)
Cupcake and Grandma over looking the River at the Riverfront in downtown ColumbusCupcake enjoying the scenery
Grandma helping Cupcake paint...we had a few rainy days while Grandma was here

The Aquarium - Cupcake looking into the touch tank that was full of stingrays and little sharks This big blue fish kept following cupcake around...she thought it was so funny!
Posing on the Seahorse in the Aquarium Cafe
If you can't tell the Aquarium was a hit with Cupcake...I have to admit it was pretty amazing!
On our way to the gift shop at the end of our visit, and Grandma's we took her to the airport right after! Thanks Grandma Patti for a fun weekend!!!