Monday, June 7, 2010

A Visit From Grandma...

Cupcake got a little surprise over Memorial weekend when Grandma Patti (my mom) came to visit us in Georgia!!! We had a lot of fun visiting, shopping, relaxing, exploring the Riverfront, getting a small amount of time by the pool, and experiencing the Atlanta Aquarium! We were glad she could come see what we are doing here in Georgia!
Cupcake and Grandma at Lunch
Cupcake at Toys R Us driving her new friends that Grandma bought her...(Woody and Jessie)
Cupcake and Grandma over looking the River at the Riverfront in downtown ColumbusCupcake enjoying the scenery
Grandma helping Cupcake paint...we had a few rainy days while Grandma was here

The Aquarium - Cupcake looking into the touch tank that was full of stingrays and little sharks This big blue fish kept following cupcake around...she thought it was so funny!
Posing on the Seahorse in the Aquarium Cafe
If you can't tell the Aquarium was a hit with Cupcake...I have to admit it was pretty amazing!
On our way to the gift shop at the end of our visit, and Grandma's we took her to the airport right after! Thanks Grandma Patti for a fun weekend!!!