Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Time 2011...

Holiday's are always crazy busy for us going back and forth between families...we love it, but it always makes for an exciting busy time! This Christmas was no different! We had so much fun and as the little ones get older it is seriously that much more joyous! We were spoiled rotten by family and are so thankful for them and the season!

Holiday in review with pics...

Christmas EVE...

Cupcake waiting patiently for her turn to open another present!Monkey Man snuggling Daddy and his new puppy...
Cute girlies playing with some of their new toys

Watching the craziness of cousin exchange gift time at My Grandma's...

Cupcake getting her exchange gift...SO SO cute! She loved it...thanks Hunter

Some of the cousins in their Christmas Eve jammies

Hunter, Cupcake, Izzi, Ryder, Monkey, and Connor

Our Munchkins...

Reindeer food...she is beyond obsessed with Rudolph so she was very excited to leave something for him and all the reindeer

Cookies for Santa...of course she had to have pink frosting!

To all a good night...

Christmas morning! Crazy Hair....

So excited!

Just what she wanted! Cupcake literally had been asking for an Olivia house for Christmas for over a month and would tell everyone should could, and me about 50 million times, I love it! She was thrilledHer new snow coat! Both kids got all new snow clothes..she wanted to make snow angels not looking too promising this year!

This was a last minute gift idea and I am so glad Santa brought was a hit! All we heard was weeeee all day long!

Monkey playing in his new ball jungle gym at my Mom's

Aunt Mal gave cupcake a Purple unicorn pillow pet, also something that she had been asking for constantly, she literally was jumping up and down!

Me and Monkey playing with all the new goodies...oh ya and I changed my hair!

Daddy at My Dad's opening up more I said we got spoiled

Kaia and Cupcake singing in their new microphones from Aunt Annie

Monkey in his new Jersey...Cupcake opening a BIG present!Us at Grandma Lu's

Monday, January 2, 2012

Santa, Gingerbread Houses, and Mistletoe Oh My!!!

Like I said in the post before we had a festive December and Christmas...Here are more pictures documenting all the fun!

The annual cousins pic with Santa! This year almost doubled in number from last year!

Hunter, Monkey, Connor, Denver, Cupcake, and Ryder (oh and Mal) Ryder wanted nothing to do with Santa! We were also missing a few cousins (Maddie, Georgia, and Izzi).Monkey and Cupcake with the Santa at our ward party...He was telling Santa quite the story! But he was not in the least bit scared... Cupcake hopped up told Santa what she wanted before he could even blink...

Gingerbread houses at Grandpa and Grandma Walkers...Daddy helping Cupcake with her mini house!

All Done!

Mommy and Monkey

Jenna, Annie, Monkey, Me, and Jason (photo-bombing)

Our joined house was a wipe out obstacle course...I didn't get a pic of the rest of the houses but there was a surf shack which was AMAZING with a wave and surfer included, a Sundance Ski Lodge, and a Ski Lift...we don't do traditional houses at the Walkers.

This little number was my attempt and epic fail at a Nativity when we did houses with The Bryners and the other Millers...

Barb being very serious about her house...

Maddie posing while working!

Me being bored cause I didn't try very hard and the girls were all still working and I was just waiting...

And what better way to pass the time than stealing a little smooch under the Mistletoe!

Finally done and ready for a pic! Gotta love Dan and Maddie's cute tree!