Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monkey Man...15 Months

Monkey and Cupcake on Thanksgiving...At the beginning of this month Monkey had his 15 month well check so I thought I should update the blog with his stats and how he is doing! We love this little man so much but boy oh boy is he a handful! He is a typical 1 year old and gets into everything but he is a lot like his Momma and is quite particular! Especially when it comes to having his way and having his Momma! Oh yes he is the ultimate Momma's boy! Not sure how it happened! He truly is the sweetest little man though and we love him to pieces! Here are some fun things he is doing at the moment! (p.s. I promise I do his hair...for some reason in all of the pics its pretty crazy!)

He loves his Binki and say it pretty well "inki"

He loves his Blanket and is quite the snuggler when you hold him with it

He still loves Yo Gabba Gabba and is starting to sing along with it (sooo cute)

He also loves Mickey Mouse

He will sit and look at books for quite a long time and just read to himself aloud in baby talk

He wants to do anything that Cupcake is doing

He loves stuffed animals (especially if they are his sisters)

He dances and claps whenever there is music on

Still sleeps from about 7:30pm to about 7;30am

takes two naps most days

Is a total Momma's boy

loves to be tickled and can say "tickle" pretty well

has 7 almost 8 teeth

will eat almost anything

He is like his Daddy in that he is a home body and is pretty sensitive

he has the cutest smile and laugh

loves to pull out anything and everything

He has pretty curly hair (mostly in the back)

Words he says...mamma, daddy, naughty, sissy, binki, baba, down, go, no, mmm, tickle, up, drink (sounds identical to binki), yo, and gabba!!!

Monkey's Stats

Height - 31 3/4 in. - 71%

Weight - 22 lbs. - 14%

Head Circm. - 45 cm. - 5%

Watching Gabba on my phone...He loves the slide at the park and will go down any way he can!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Craziness!

We had such a fun month of October! We tried to do as much fun fall stuff as possible, since the weather was so amazing! Cupcake loves Halloween and did not stop telling us all month! Here is October's pics in review!! Just a few pics to cover the month ;) ...minus the pirate birthday party those need a post to itself!

Daddy and Cupcake at Grandma and Grandpa's house carving pumpkins

Cupcake wanted Ghosts!
In the Corn at Hee Haws

Cupcake loved it...Monkey not so much

Going down the big slide!

Cupcake was in slide heaven...she went down this slide over 20 times...it was pretty fast too and kinda hard to capture a good pic!

a quick pic while the kids played in the corn...Playing on the Tractors...this was what Monkey loved!!

Cupcake's preschool class went on a little field trip to a pumpkin patch! Gotta love how she is posing with her paper of items to find at the patch.

So fun...

Her little school friends all kept wanting to hold hands...especially the little boy! He kept asking her to hold his hand...so cute but surely a sign of our future to come!!!

Cupcake and Zoe in the light alley...I kinda ruined the dramatic nature of the alley with the flash on my camera but this pic was just too darling not to take!

Outside the pumpkin patch!

Cupcake at her Preschool Halloween Party! P.S. she knew exactly what she wanted to be and picked this costume out as soon as there were costumes in the stores!! So fun!

Trick-or-Treating on Halloween!

And of course with who else than one of her best friends Marli!!!

Cupcake and Monkey...or should I say Super Girl and Super Baby! Dan and Maddie threw a killer Halloween party as usual...we had a blast!

Cop and Jailbird...we are not very creative but at least I got him to finally be excited about dressing up...oh ya the fake cigarette did the trick! So inappropriate

This pic is a little blurry but Monkey was crying and Cupcake just wanted to play with Max so this is the best we could do!! Our Festive Fam!