Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Cupcake in her Princess SUNBEAM Crown after her first Sunday in Primary!

I cannot believe that our little Cupcake is in SUNBEAMS already!!! I have been meaning to post about this for a few weeks now and just am barely getting around to it...So the first Sunday of the year rolls around and it was the first time in about a month that we had been to our ward for church, between baby blessings, homecomings, and kids getting sick. So after sacrament Cupcake is just begging to go to Nursery as usual and so Daddy went to drop her off. He comes back and says to me Cupcake is not in Nursery and not even thinking I say well where did she go...lets go find her!!!...Daddy quickly replies by saying She is in Primary now! haha Ok hello Mother of the Year award! She has been three now for a few months but all the three year olds go into Primary when the new year begins! I felt so bad for not remembering or even telling her or preparing her...but being the little socialite and easy going girl that she is none of that was even needed! She did great and loved every moment of it! She saw me in the hall and kept saying Mommy I am a princess SUNBEAM and her teachers and some of the Primary leaders told me that she just kept telling everyone that she loved them...I think she likes being a SUNBEAM!!!

Of course she had to pose in her crown...oh and don't you love the boots (Daddy was on shoe duty haha)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What A GREAT Day!!!

My wonderful Hubby turned 31 last week! We kinda kept it casual and got together with friends and family a few times! Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us...So I thought I would give the hubby a little shout out and let him know why we love him soooo much!
Happy Birthday To YOU!
Some of our great friends out to dinner
Reno, Melanie, Jodi, and TroyAlycia and Roman
Barb and Bear...aka Jared
Dan and Maddie
Josh and Candice

Jessie and JustinMe and the Birthday Boy...Maddie took this pic and I loved that it was kinda candid!

We hope you had a wonderful are just a few of the many reasons why we love to call you ours!!!
- You can always make us laugh

-You take such good care of us

-You are an amazing cook

-You are a kid at Heart

- You work so extremely hard

-You are so selfless

-You are a great listener

-You are a worthy priesthood holder

-You love us so much

-You are so supportive of everything we do

-You always look on the bright side

-You are an amazing Daddy

-You are the worlds best snuggler

-You are a wonderful teacher

-You are happy to just be with us doing anything or nothing at all!

We are so happy that you are ours and that you love us with all you have every single day!!! We love you and couldn't imagine our lives without our amazing Daddy and Hubby!!! Love you, and Happy Happy Birthday!

~There She Is...Miss America!!!~

I was so lucky this past week to go to Vegas with some girlfriends for the Miss America Pageant!!! Our darling Miss Utah, Christina Lowe, who is a former Miss UVU like me and my friend Carly (who I went with). Carly and I have had the privilege of helping Christina over the past few years in her pageant life...Carly was her back stage stylist all week at Miss America and I tagged along for the experience! This is just some of the fun pictures we took while random order...Christina did Amazing and made it to the Top 15! We were so proud and I am so grateful for all my wonderful family and friends who helped with my kids and my incredible Hubby who let me escape for 5 days to have this once in a lifetime opportunity!!! Love you guys!
Me and Danica our current Miss UVU posing in front of the stage Me, Raych, and Carly at the Show Me Your Shoes Parade
Carly, Christina, Beka, Me, and Danica visiting with Christina after a preliminary night
Danica, Me, and Carly waiting to visit with Christina
Tehani, Me, and Tiare (Current Utah's Outstanding Teen)
a blast from the past...we all competed in Cinderella pageants back in the day
Caressa Cameron Miss America 2010, Carly, and Me
Heather French-Henry Miss America 2000, and me at the Trunk show
Me and Christina after the Final night of the Pageant
Danica, Me, Sharlene Wells-Hawke Miss Utah and Miss America 1985, Carly, Raych, and Emma
Carly, Me, Katie Stam Miss America 2009, and Danica
Carly, Danica, and Me at the Red Carpet on the final night of Miss America 2011!
What an AMAZING experience...I could get used to going every year!!! Thanks gals for such a hilariously exciting week!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Holiday Highlights!

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year we love getting together with all our family and friends...even though it gets a little too crazy! Daddy and I decided that this will probably be our last year going from house to house to visit all of our different sides of the family! We for are so used to just making the rounds that we have it down to a specific science now! But its getting a little harder as Cupcake gets older and now that Monkey is here...but here are some of the highlights from this year! Just a warning there are quite a few pics!

Christmas Eve
Cupcake by the Tree before we left for our Christmas Eve partiesCupcake singing "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" for our annual Lindsay fam talent show
Kaia and Cupcake playing with their presents from Grandma and Grandpa Walker (my Dad)

Our fam taking a quick self portrait...Daddy hates when I make him take these!Our fam after our kiddos opened up the traditional Christmas Eve jammies
Christmas Morning
Cupcake and Daddy opening up presents
Cheeeeeese...She loved all her presentsThe Loot...Mommy and Monkey enjoying the morning Our fam at the Millers Christmas morning

Cupcake waiting for my Grandma Patti's gift...the one I told her not to get! hahaIt was a little too big for wrapping paper...Cupcake was ecstatic to get her Barbie JeepHoliday Fun
Cupcake at her Christmas Dance class...the parents were invited to watch and see what they have been learning!I love Holiday cards and these were our friends and family's cards this yearCupcake's letter to Santa...I can't believe she is old enough to do this!The girlies Me, Barb, and Maddie at our friend Christmas Party...oh ya and my ugly sweater won the contest!!! Daddy and Cupcake at the partyCupcake giving her best friend Cousin Max his Holiday Hugs!!!We hope everyone had Happy Holidays this year!!! We sure did!