Thursday, January 20, 2011

~There She Is...Miss America!!!~

I was so lucky this past week to go to Vegas with some girlfriends for the Miss America Pageant!!! Our darling Miss Utah, Christina Lowe, who is a former Miss UVU like me and my friend Carly (who I went with). Carly and I have had the privilege of helping Christina over the past few years in her pageant life...Carly was her back stage stylist all week at Miss America and I tagged along for the experience! This is just some of the fun pictures we took while random order...Christina did Amazing and made it to the Top 15! We were so proud and I am so grateful for all my wonderful family and friends who helped with my kids and my incredible Hubby who let me escape for 5 days to have this once in a lifetime opportunity!!! Love you guys!
Me and Danica our current Miss UVU posing in front of the stage Me, Raych, and Carly at the Show Me Your Shoes Parade
Carly, Christina, Beka, Me, and Danica visiting with Christina after a preliminary night
Danica, Me, and Carly waiting to visit with Christina
Tehani, Me, and Tiare (Current Utah's Outstanding Teen)
a blast from the past...we all competed in Cinderella pageants back in the day
Caressa Cameron Miss America 2010, Carly, and Me
Heather French-Henry Miss America 2000, and me at the Trunk show
Me and Christina after the Final night of the Pageant
Danica, Me, Sharlene Wells-Hawke Miss Utah and Miss America 1985, Carly, Raych, and Emma
Carly, Me, Katie Stam Miss America 2009, and Danica
Carly, Danica, and Me at the Red Carpet on the final night of Miss America 2011!
What an AMAZING experience...I could get used to going every year!!! Thanks gals for such a hilariously exciting week!


Jenna Johnson said...

I did not know you were a pageant girl! I was going to do Mrs. America:) then my little miss Harper decided to join us! I am super jealous, I love this kind of thing!

Breanne Maples said...

Hi! My name is Breanne Maples and I am the Director of Marketing & Events for the National American Miss pageant system. I host a blog on here for our pageant system and came across this profile!!! We are looking for judges for our Miss Utah pageant and would love to have you! Tried finding your email on your blog, but had no luck, so thought a comment might work. Would love to discuss this more with you! You can email me at Also, you can check National American Miss out at & Hope to hear from you, soon! Thanks so much! - Breanne

The Condies said...

Tiff!! I need all these pics! Remember you were my official photographer for the week and I've already forgotten how much fun we had!! Let's play soon!