Thursday, September 25, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance!!!

Me and Bri with Thayner (sorry about the blurriness) Me and Bri after the show Tuesday around 6 pm I was just finishing up getting Cupcakes birthday pictures adorable by the way I will post a few later. Anyway like I said I was just getting ready to leave when I got a phone call from Ash Jasperson letting me know that her family had a few extra tickets to the SYTYCD show at the E center! So not being able to pass up anything that is FREE especially something like this we are kinda obsessed with the show, (I have had a few good friends who have been on). I an extra ticket to bring someone along and after my cute hubby said "Well I would love go but I am sure one of your cousins, sisters, or mom would love it more"....He is so sweet! I decided that since my cousin Briaunna had been talking about the show for like 4 months and that she really wanted to go, that she would be the perfect pick! Sorry to all that I didn't invite I only had one extra ticket! When I called Bri she was seriously almost in tears! haha she was so excited and could not believe we were actually going! We left around 6:45 and had to be there at 7:30 so needless to say we flew!!! We got there at about 7:45 cause traffic was so bad in every direction surrounding the Arena. We got to our seats right after the first number and were pumped, how can you not be when your seats are 2nd row!! We had a blast and loved every minute, especially when Ash mentioned that they had Backstage passes to go meet everyone and visit with Thayne!!! Thayne did awesome! It was a long night and my cute hubby was so cute to stay home he barely got a hello and a kiss as I walked in and back out to go to the show, plus I didn't get home til 1am! Thank you so much babe and a HUGE THANKS to the Jaspersons for thinking of me!!! Love you guys!
Me and Chelsie, she is actually a good friend of my dad's side of the family so I knew her before she went on the show so it was fun to watch and support her throughout the show!Just kissin my fave Twitch!He was so genuinely nice and down to earthKatie was one of the best dancers we loved herNo worries I was just chattin it up with Joshua the winner of Season 4

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gotta Getcha Some!!!

Toby Keith!!!
So Saturday night we were lucky enough to get a chance to go see Toby Keith in concert at Usana!!! My Dad and Step-Mom Tamara called us Monday and said so you guys free on Saturday......cause we have Toby Keith tickets.......15th row!!!! I was dying! My Mom was wonderful enough to drop her plans and babysit for us, which I am sure Cupcake was in Heaven. We had such a great time, Toby played for almost two hours and was extremely entertaining!!! Not to mention incredibly handsome! We also heard this great new band Trailer Choir, if anyone loves country you would love this group they were great! Oh and to make it even better Montgomery Gentry opened for Toby and were amazing as well! All and all we had a fabulous night and my cute hubby Mr. Miller had a fabulous time and I was so proud of him that he stayed up so late...we didn't get to bed til 1! Which is unheard of for him! We had a fabulous night, it was really windy, and almost rained a couple times, but overall it was great. We need to give a huge thanks to Tam and my Dad for taking us!!! We loved it, it was one of the best concerts I have been to!!! Oh and don't you worry I did wear my cowgirl boots!!

My handsome hubby and me, don't mind my wind blown hair....haha it looks so funny!My Dad and Tam, sporting her cute hat!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tagged by Millie

Our Cupcake
Name and Meaning: Her first name means Royalty, and her middle name is Greek and means Wisdom.
Age: 11 months and 3 weeks
Birthday: October, 4th, 2007............almost time for a birthday!
Nicknames: Sister, Stinky (daddy's nickname for her, she laughs every time he says it), and Sophia.
Favorite Activities: She loves to watch her Baby Einstein movies, Play with anyone and everyone, Walk all around the house, Sing songs, Get chased, Play outside, Looking at herself in any and every mirror she can find, and of course playing with Mommy.
Least Favorite Foods: She doesn't like anything that is baby oriented......she only wants what we are eating!
Favorite Music: She loves all music, anytime there is music on she gives her undivided attention, but she loves when you sing songs that have actions so she can copy you! She loves Way Up High In The Apple Tree, 5 Little Ducks, 5 Little Monkeys, and yes Apple Bottoms Jeans the rap song! It has a cute little chorus and I listen to mostly Country so I don't know how she discovered it....haha its really cute though when all the family sings it to her she just smiles and starts dancing!
Favorite Toys: Well she loves lots of Toys....But her favorite by far are phones, any stuffed animal, puppets, balls, toothbrushes, things that spin or make noise, her princess chair, she loves putting magnets on her magnet board, and she can never have enough books
What Makes Me Happy: Family, my binky, my silky blanket, music, stuffed animals, my sippy cups, being read to, Cartoons; Super Why, Mickey Mouse Club House, Baby Einstein Movies, naps, and Mommy and Daddy!
What Makes Me Sad: Not much! But she is walking quite a bit now which also comes with falls! It also makes her sad when she is playing with family and they have to leave, and sometimes when she gets taken away from Mommy, but not always!

Cupcake tags.....Georgia, Preston, Hunter and Connor, Macie, Rheagan, and the Peterson Boys!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Am

One of my friends tagged me, and I thought this was a cute tag! I Tag Melyssa L, Dani T, Lindsay C, and Kelly B, and Steph H! And anyone who wants to let people know a little bit more about you! Don't forget to add a pic of yourself, as you are at the moment!!!

I am: A mommy and a wifey.
I think: About the future.
I know: I love being a stay at home mom.
I want: To go shopping.....always haha!
I dislike: Rude people, and not watching my fave shows
I miss: Family and friends when they are far away.
I fear: Losing loved ones, car wrecks, and not being able to take care of my family.
I feel: Blessed, Happy, Anxious, and Excited
I hear: Cupcake's music in the baby monitor, and Golf on T.V.
I smell: Homemade sweet rolls, we had them for Breakfast.
I crave: Dr. Pepper...all the time!
I cry: During sad movies, and touching music....I am a softy.
I search: For inspiration, enlightenment, and laughter!
I wonder: When we are going to have another baby...soon hopefully!
I regret: Ever making people feel bad.
I love: My man, sweet baby, family, and friends!!!
I care: About family and the way I make people feel.
I always: Am being analytical.
I worry: About beieng a good wife and mother, and keeping my house clean!
I am not: Perfect......far from it!
I remember: How much I love the Fall
I believe: In Eternal Families, and "Choosing Your Love, and Loving your Choice"!
I dance: With Cupcake all day long!!! She is such a cute little dancer.
I sing: A lot! Mostly with Cupcake, sometimes at Church and, every now and again for friends, family, and strangers.
I don’t always: Get to the Temple as often as I would like, or like to cook dinner.....haha.
I argue: Very well! haha....very stubborn
I write: Storybooks, for our family, with Heritage Makers...I love Digital Scrapbooking
I win: some
I lose: some
I wish: I were in Maui, but not til Winter cause I love the Fall!!!
I listen: Very carefully and to more than one thing at a time
I don't understand: Complicated math
I can usually be found: Multi-tasking
I am scared: Of the dark and spiders!
I need: Sweets and Love
I forget: My age....sometimes
I am happy: With my Life!!!

Fun at the Dinosaur Museum and State Fair

Riding the John Deere
Bri, Me, Patti, and Carina
We have had so much fun the past couple weeks! We went to the State Fair with my mom, Bri, Carina, Hunter, and Connor! Cupcake loved being able to just walk around and see all the clowns, animals, farm exhibits, and booths! You can't go to the fair without getting the food, funnel cakes, slushies, pulled pork, and fried potatoes were all enjoyed and devoured! We also went to the Dinosaur Museum this week with Carina, Hunter, and Connor. It was so much fun to see Presli and Hunter interacting together! They are getting old enough to where they are just quite the little buddies! Cupcake copies everything that Hunter does and loves to just follow him and can barely keep up! It is such a riot and so exciting at this age and we can't wait to do more fun stuff with all the family!

Cupcake loved to walk from booth to booth but always stopped at the jewelry!

What a girlie girl Taking a little break They gave the kids these cute baskets to gather things in and she loved holding it Both Cupcake and Hunter couldn't take their eyes off the mooing cow! Me and Bri racing down the Big Yellow Slide Hunter and Cupcake at the Dinosaur Museum They loved to touch, turn, explore and play with everythingMommy and Cupcake inside the cave They loved the Dinosaurs and Hunter kept growling at them and of course Cupcake copied his every move and sound She didn't really enjoy the apron they had to wear to play in the wet sand, it kept tripping her Cupcake was not sure what to think of the sand sticking to her hands....haha so cute! We are so lucky to have family and friends so close to us! Thank you for inviting us to do all these fun activities, Cupcake is lucky to have cousins close to her age to play with and I love being able to visit and laugh the day away!!! Thanks gals!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GTU Junkie!!!

Me with the GTU girls when I guest co-hosted So as you all know I am kind of a Good Things Utah junkie! I even got to be a guest co-host on the show a couple months back! I love the table talk that they have aka gossip...most of the time! I also love watching the cooking and crafting segments, I am always up for a new recipe or craft! They always showcase some cute fashions, the greatest deals, (real deals on Mondays) and what is going on in Utah! The GTU girls are really nice and super down to earth, I just love the show!!! Its on all week at 10 am on channel 4! My friend Carly is co-hosting today so try to watch... Good Luck Carly, and you never now you might just get hooked!!!

The fam that came to support me on the show.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fought For It!!!

Ok so my family (mom, grandma, aunts, and uncles) are originally all from Colorado, so I am a born and bread Bronco's Fan! I have always been and I always will be, even though my hubby is a Chicago Bears fan...sorry babe! haha Anyway, so I know that on Sunday the Bronco's kinda got lucky, but I do have to say that they played really well in the first half! Also, lets be honest when Shanahan decided to have them go for two right at the end that was pretty RAD! My guess is they would have lost I have to say even though they caught a break they also fought for it there in the end and thats what counts!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feeling Crafty!

Diaper Cake I made for Lindsay and cute baby boy, Owen to come!
So I had a baby shower and a bridal shower to attend this Saturday, and since I have been making some fun props for Cupcake's 1st birthday pictures and some fun things for her actual birthday bash I was feeling rather crafty. I was just not in the mood to throw a gift in a bag and call it I decided to make a diaper cake for Lindsay's baby shower, and for Lisa's bridal shower I kinda just threw a cute little gift together that just looked crafty but it really wasn't! Like I said I have been working on some fun stuff for Cupcake's B-day pics and B-day; a couple tool skirts, a little flower wand to go with her Halloween outfit and her B-day pics, and I have been making her invites! I have been having so much fun figuring out how to put together and make everything and I love doing it myself and saving tons of money.......I have always been a sucker for a bargain! So her is a little preview of some of the fun projects I am working on!
Cute fall bridal shower gift for LisaTool tutu for Presli's Birthday Party (its not quite done yet)
I am also working on a brown and pink one

Flower wand to go with Presli's Halloween costume (a brown/pink one is in the works too)Presli was sitting on her chair and watched Baby Einstein so well while my Mom and I ate lunch and I worked on all my projects, this is the face she makes when you say "smile"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Couldn't Be Luckier...

Yesterday morning We went to the Temple to do Sealings and it really made me stop and think how blessed we are to be Sealed in the Temple for time and all eternity. What a blessing to have so many Temples all around us, as well as Family! It is incredible to know that we will be with our family forever! I love my family so much and could not imagine life without them! Once you have kids though its a little harder to get to the Temple as often as we would like, but my cute cousin Briaunna spent the night so that she could be with Cupcake while we were there early the next morning,. I am so grateful for family and for all the support and love we receive from them all, we love them all so much and couldn't be luckier.....Thanks again Bri!

This is one of my fave pics of the Temple from our wedding

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall Has Begun....

Our new fall door decor!
Yes I did make it myself One of Cupcake's new fall outfits!
Daddy and Cupcake up Provo Canyon last Sunday Its starting to get cool outside and the leaves are getting ready to change!!! Last Sunday we went up Provo Canyon with some friends and it was so nice. I love this time of year for many reasons, but mostly because the weather is beautiful and the outdoor surroundings are changing and the leaves are gorgeous colors! I also love all the fall fashions being able to pull out the sweaters and pants! Thanksgiving is by far my favorite Holiday, and my family and Daddy's family share a lot of fall birthdays including Cupcake and me which means lots of fun family gatherings and I can't wait to get together to enjoy good food, family, and of course football which is another reason I love the fall! I decided to make this fall door hanging decor it was really fun and fast. If anyone wants to give it a try I got the holder at Roberts and all the foliage at Wal-Mart for really cheap! Total it coat about 10 dollars not too bad considering I have seen similar ones for around 40!!! Well, I hope everyone had a good summer and is ready for a change because Fall Has Begun....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bug's Birthday! - (lots of pics)

Happy Birthday Jessie!!!
Jessie and her cute boyfriend Justin

Today is Daddy's youngest sister Jessie's birthday!! She just turned 19 and she is the cutest thing in the whole world! Last night the whole fam, (with the exception of Roman and Alycia who are in West Virginia and Em, Kaden, and Kayla who were home sick, we missed you guys,) got together at the infamous Italian Village otherwise known as the "IV". We had so much fun eating, laughing, and chatting! Cupcake was acting so big and grown up and we all were getting the biggest kick out of it! After words we went to visit our friends Pat, Maryanne, and the new baby Desmond! We had a lot of fun and I just wanted to tell Jessie a.k.a bug how much we love her and hope that she has a wonderful year and can't believe that she is already 19! Happy B-day Bug!!!
Meags (Mike's Sister) and CupcakeScott and Lu (Mike's Mom)Mommy and CupcakeCupcake just hanging out and acting so GROWN UPCupcake and Grandpa MillerMommy, Daddy, Cupcake, and LuCupcake and LuDarren and ChristinaZach and DaddyDaddy and Cupcake, Uncle Dan and Max, Patrick and Desmond

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Phases and A Long Labor Day Weekend!

Cupcake showing off her two new top teeth!!!
I feel like I always say this but, wow did we have one crazy weekend!!! I love long weekends and we did not let one moment of this long Labor Day weekend go to waste! We went to dinner with my Dad and fam, we finally got a new bed (a king which I have been wanting for a while now), visited our good friends Pat and Maryanne who just had their darling baby boy, Desmond, (pics to come later), Daddy, his brothers, and his Dad put in a sprinkler system for his Mom, we went to Koy's (my friend Ashlee's little bro) Mission Farewell, and also have been cleaning our house getting ready for the big move!! Yes, I said move! I will post more about that later! :) Oh and did I mention that Cupcake decided to start fully WALKING!!! She has been taking a few steps between furniture for about two weeks now, but yesterday she started a new phase. We were at the furniture store and she just started walking from bed to bed taking about 15-20 steps at a time. Being that she is not even eleven months yet, we were just a little surprised! Crazy huh?!? Its super cute though cause she is so little, you can sneak a peak of a video of her walking! (at bottom of the post)

My cute niece Kaia, Me, and Cupcake at Happy SumoKaia, Me, and DaddyCupcake, My sis-in-law Jenna, and my sis AndriaCupcake making one of her many silly faces!Scarlet and Ashlee, Jessica and Harper, Me and Cupcake at Koy's Farewell LuncheonAsh, Me, and JessUs girls back to our goofy selves
Cupcake taking some of her first steps!!!
Yes she is WALKING!!!
Baby Steps!