Monday, September 22, 2008

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Our Cupcake
Name and Meaning: Her first name means Royalty, and her middle name is Greek and means Wisdom.
Age: 11 months and 3 weeks
Birthday: October, 4th, 2007............almost time for a birthday!
Nicknames: Sister, Stinky (daddy's nickname for her, she laughs every time he says it), and Sophia.
Favorite Activities: She loves to watch her Baby Einstein movies, Play with anyone and everyone, Walk all around the house, Sing songs, Get chased, Play outside, Looking at herself in any and every mirror she can find, and of course playing with Mommy.
Least Favorite Foods: She doesn't like anything that is baby oriented......she only wants what we are eating!
Favorite Music: She loves all music, anytime there is music on she gives her undivided attention, but she loves when you sing songs that have actions so she can copy you! She loves Way Up High In The Apple Tree, 5 Little Ducks, 5 Little Monkeys, and yes Apple Bottoms Jeans the rap song! It has a cute little chorus and I listen to mostly Country so I don't know how she discovered it....haha its really cute though when all the family sings it to her she just smiles and starts dancing!
Favorite Toys: Well she loves lots of Toys....But her favorite by far are phones, any stuffed animal, puppets, balls, toothbrushes, things that spin or make noise, her princess chair, she loves putting magnets on her magnet board, and she can never have enough books
What Makes Me Happy: Family, my binky, my silky blanket, music, stuffed animals, my sippy cups, being read to, Cartoons; Super Why, Mickey Mouse Club House, Baby Einstein Movies, naps, and Mommy and Daddy!
What Makes Me Sad: Not much! But she is walking quite a bit now which also comes with falls! It also makes her sad when she is playing with family and they have to leave, and sometimes when she gets taken away from Mommy, but not always!

Cupcake tags.....Georgia, Preston, Hunter and Connor, Macie, Rheagan, and the Peterson Boys!


kaceytess said...

Hi Tiffany!

We are still in PG...what have you been up to? Your little girl is sooooo cute!!