Friday, September 19, 2008

I Am

One of my friends tagged me, and I thought this was a cute tag! I Tag Melyssa L, Dani T, Lindsay C, and Kelly B, and Steph H! And anyone who wants to let people know a little bit more about you! Don't forget to add a pic of yourself, as you are at the moment!!!

I am: A mommy and a wifey.
I think: About the future.
I know: I love being a stay at home mom.
I want: To go shopping.....always haha!
I dislike: Rude people, and not watching my fave shows
I miss: Family and friends when they are far away.
I fear: Losing loved ones, car wrecks, and not being able to take care of my family.
I feel: Blessed, Happy, Anxious, and Excited
I hear: Cupcake's music in the baby monitor, and Golf on T.V.
I smell: Homemade sweet rolls, we had them for Breakfast.
I crave: Dr. Pepper...all the time!
I cry: During sad movies, and touching music....I am a softy.
I search: For inspiration, enlightenment, and laughter!
I wonder: When we are going to have another baby...soon hopefully!
I regret: Ever making people feel bad.
I love: My man, sweet baby, family, and friends!!!
I care: About family and the way I make people feel.
I always: Am being analytical.
I worry: About beieng a good wife and mother, and keeping my house clean!
I am not: Perfect......far from it!
I remember: How much I love the Fall
I believe: In Eternal Families, and "Choosing Your Love, and Loving your Choice"!
I dance: With Cupcake all day long!!! She is such a cute little dancer.
I sing: A lot! Mostly with Cupcake, sometimes at Church and, every now and again for friends, family, and strangers.
I don’t always: Get to the Temple as often as I would like, or like to cook dinner.....haha.
I argue: Very well! haha....very stubborn
I write: Storybooks, for our family, with Heritage Makers...I love Digital Scrapbooking
I win: some
I lose: some
I wish: I were in Maui, but not til Winter cause I love the Fall!!!
I listen: Very carefully and to more than one thing at a time
I don't understand: Complicated math
I can usually be found: Multi-tasking
I am scared: Of the dark and spiders!
I need: Sweets and Love
I forget: My age....sometimes
I am happy: With my Life!!!


Nancy said...

You are such a inspiration to me! Great blog and answers to your tag. You are such an amazing person! Thanks for being my friend! Call me, lets hang out soon. I miss you!