Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our New Addition...Baby Grahm!!!

We have a new addition at our house!!! Grahm Michael Miller...Born 8/8/10 6lbs 14oz and 19in long! We were scheduled to have a c-section on the 12th but this little guy couldn't wait! He put Mommy into labor Saturday night and after two trips to the Labor and Delivery unit he finally got his way and was born Sunday morning at 4:49 am via c-section...needless to say mommy got no sleep that night, lets just hope its not a sign of whats to come! Daddy had a little fainting incident in the operating room due to Grahm being a little purple from the cord being wrapped around his little neck but all went well after that and we are loving our new little guy...He truly is such a blessing! His big sister can't get enough of him and his Daddy adores him! As for me, I never knew I could love a little boy so much! We are all home, healthy, and doing really well...Grahm is already almost two weeks old!~ Sorry for the overload in pictures we are truly thrilled as ever to have this new little spirit in our home!

Brand new!!!
Cupcake and Monkey's first picture together...Cupcake was a little sleepy still due to the fact that we got her up at 3:30am and this pic was at 5:00am
Mommy and Daddy adoring our little guy
Mommy and Cupcake loving on the baby

Mommy and her new little son!!!
Some of Daddy's first kisses...
Such a sweet pic of Daddy with his little ones...
Our Family of Four!!!
She really can't get enough of her new baby brother
First bath at home
Cupcake and Daddy doing the honors of the first bath
Home and well!!!