Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Festivities!!!

My cute cousin Briaunna that lived with us for the past year, just got married last week and it was such a beautiful wedding!!! We love her cute new hubby Landon and Cupcake was in awe of Bri in her "Princess" wedding dress! The sealing ceremony was beautiful and she was gorgeous!!! She also had a fun wedding dinner a few nights before with Cafe Rio for dinner (their fave) and volleyball/badminton tournaments they are an adorable couple and we are sooo happy for them! Congrats you two!

The cousins/bridesmaids at the Temple
Amber, AshLee, Dani, Mal, and MeThe Kiddos at the Temple
Hunter, Connor, Cupcake, and GeorgiaMe and Cupcake taking a self portrait while waiting!!!
Georgia and Cupcake playing ring around the rosies
They had to hold hands...such cute cousins...The Happy couple!!! Gotta love their faces
Cupcake could not wait to give Bri a hugMal, Me and my Mom Our little fam at the Temple...Cupcake insisted holding her Brothers hand for the cute!The girl Cousins at the wedding dinnerMe and My uncle goofing off after the tournaments Me and my handsome hubby posing for a quick pic...these are becoming less frequent with two kids! haha

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dance Class

Wow I cannot believe it has been over a month since my last post! I'm slackin a little...but between dance class, reading group, play group, birthdays, weddings, potty training (a work in progress), oh ya and the fact that I have two kids instead of has been a little crazy! But I am back and have tons of fun stuff to post...more to come later!
So Cupcake turns three next month and we have been debating whether to put her in dance or preschool...and last week we finally decided that she is in dire need to be in a dance class! She loves any movie or show that has music, dancing, and or singing! She also copies and mimics people so well that we just couldn't resist...ok or maybe I just couldn't resist the pink tutu's! So she officially started her first dance class last Tuesday at Center Stage with one of my dear friends Kim Delgrosso teaching her! She loved every minute of it and listened very well...for
the most part! (Sorry about the darkness of the video and pics, I was behind a mirrored window)
Cupcake warming up for dance

Cupcake and Miss Kim the best dance teacher in the whole world!

Miss Kim helping the girls with their ballet positionsStarting Dance classHer cute Dance outfit...she would not smile for some reason...haha so vogue!