Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall, Fall, and more Fall!!!

So I am about a month behind on blogging what has been going on in our crazy busy lives so bare with me as this post and the next few to come will be somewhat of an overload but I just can't let all of our Fall Festivities go unmentioned!!! We start of the Fall with Cupcake's birthday and I haven't gotten the chance to post pics from her friend "Care Bear" party yet...She had been asking me for a Care Bear party for about 3 months and I literally could not find any Care Bear party stuff! So I told her to pick a new party theme and so she chose the next easiest thing...(not) Yo Gabba Gabba! Luckily my wonderful Mom after much searching found Care Bear stuff!!! She knew Cupcake would be so excited that she asked her so "Cupcake what kind of birthday party do you want?" And when she said Gabba we were a little worried, but then my Mom said "What about Care Bears?" she responds..."well Mommy can't find it" haha we were dying of laughter at how well she pays attention and remembers things and Grandma said "We Found Care Bears!" We sure had a fun day with all of Cupcake's friends at Jump on It and then back to our house for Pizza and Cake! She got lots of presents and could not have been happier!

Cupcake with her Care Bear party goodness before we left for Jump On It!

Cupcake and her Friend Marli enjoying the castle slideGeorgia, Melyssa, Carina, and Hunter....Cupcake's cousins and AuntiesMall, Ann, Chels, and my Mom with MonkeyMel and soon to be little Berklie in her tummy and Mazee Riding the mini carousel...with Anya and Hunter
Cupcake and Mommy...can you tell she was quite happy with her party!My darling friends Melanie (Marli's Mom) and Karley (Cams Mom)Lacey, Jessica, and AshAll the kiddos in their Care Bear masks...they were a huge hit!

Monkey's Blessing

We also Celebrated on 10-10-10 the Blessing of our Little Monkey!! We were so lucky to have so much of our Family and Friends come to support us on this special day! The Blessing that Daddy gave to Monkey was beautiful and the weather was keeping up! I feel so lucky to have a happy and healthy son and a worthy Husband to bless him! We had a get together at My Mom's house in Cedar Hills after with soup, salads, rolls, and lots of yummy desserts! Thank so much to everyone that helped with everything! What a glorious day it was!!

Daddy's side of the FamMommy's side of the famOur little fam! Monkey was hungry and not liking the sun in his eyes...haha he really did so well all day!Daddy and his little BlessingMall with Ryder and Me with MonkeyMommy's extended side of the famSome of our wonderful friends that came to support!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Little Monkey...

Today is the day for our little Monkey to be blessed!!! We are so excited and grateful for him! I am so grateful for a worthy Priesthood holder in our home that can bless his son...Daddy is so excited to bless him and I just wanted to make sure that I got a post on today so that we can always remember that 10-10-10 was his Blessing Day!
This was the birth announcement we sent out
(his nursery colors are gray, yellow, white, and navy blue so we went with those for the announcement as to come of the nursery)
Our little Monkey...these are a few of the newborn pics we had taken...I will post more laterGotta love the this darling one of Cupcake lovin on Monkey!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

3 Is My Favorite Number!!!

Today our little Cupcake turned 3!!! I cannot believe it! She is growing up so fast...sometimes too fast. We love her so much and are so proud of her! She continually makes us laugh and have to be on our toes in so many ways! She always has a smile on her face and a giggle and a kiss to share...we are so happy to call her ours! She is a blessing and the cutest dang 3 year old you will ever meet!!!

3 Things to remember about Cupcake on her 3rd birthday

- She loves her family and has to make sure she gives everyone kisses and snuggles every day...she will say "its me guys, give me kisses" or "I love you so much I'm glad you are here with me"

- She loves to collect things for example her Jessie and Woody dolls, her Movies and of course her Care Bears which she lines up and kisses goodnight and says "I love you family!"

- She is starting to get quite the little attitude and determination for what she wants...but needless to say she is almost all the way potty trained!!!

For her birthday today we went out to dinner and bowling as a fam with cupcakes and presents after...She is having her friend party and Thursday so this was just our special night to share!!!
Cupcake and Daddy getting a STRIKE!!!
She is getting way too big...when she finally got the hang of bowling she insisted on carrying the ball herself!We had to get a snapshot of our killer bowling shoes...3 pairs for a 3rd birthday!!Mommy, Cupcake , and Daddy...our usual self portrait!