Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting So Big!

Cupcake is just getting so big, and is having so much fun being able to do all the things that the big kids do! Monday we went to a birthday party for Preston at Jumpin Jacks in Springville! She had so much fun, I on the other hand am still sore!!! She is getting big but not big enough to crawl up all the blow up toys, so I had to carry her up and those things are not easy to trek up! We did have lots of fun though! Afterwords since we were in Springville we went to visit Grandma Patti and Cupcake loved snuggling with her! We also a few days later went to decorate Halloween cookies with Hunter and Carina! Again Mommy had to help out a lot! But we are having such a blast discovering what Cupcake enjoys doing! Thanks for all the fun activities Nancy and Carina!

Cupcake crawling through the big toys!
Getting ready to go up to the big slide
After sliding down the slide! I would usually let her go down and then come down after and she thought that was really funny!
Cupcake snuggling with Grandma Patti Decorating and eating cookiesHunter covered in black frosting!
Such cute cousins!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Daddy Time and Play Time

So Saturday was an eventful day, and Daddy and Cupcake got to spend most of the day together! My Uncle needed some help with an Open House and asked if Daddy or I could help out and since Daddy is gone all day to work I told my Uncle I would help! I was gone for about half the day and then we all met up and went to lunch after the Open House! Then before too long I was off again to go to dinner and to the play Into The Woods with my Mom, at the Hale Center Theater! We had a lot of fun, and I loved the play! One of the cute girls that I helped prepare for Miss Pleasant Grove was Little Red Riding Hood, which is one of the leads, so it was really fun to watch her! She did Fabulous! Daddy and Cupcake had some really good bonding alone time so even though it was a little hectic it was a good weekend! Fall brings changes and so I needed a change! It was long over due to change my hair, so on Thursday my cute friend Steph did it for me! I did it a couple years ago and I liked it so I thought I would try it out again, hope everyone likes it!

A cute pic I took before I left for the play....Daddy and Cupcake playing the guitar together! I love cute!
Me and My Mom in our seats at the Play!Me, My Aunt Steph, My Mom, and her Friend Cindy after the play

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thankful Thoughts #3

I cannot even explain to you how Thankful, Grateful, Blessed, and extremely Lucky I feel! Just yesterday my Aunt got news that one of her cousin's, who was pregnant, and was about a week over due had not felt her baby move for a while so went to the emergency room to where they got the devastating news that she had lost her baby! She then had to labor and deliver her child that she would then have to plan a funeral for. I cannot even imagine the agony and pain that she and her husband are going through. A good friend of mine, about a year ago went through the same thing and it was just devastating for her. I think that a lot of us, I know I do, take for granted the wonderful blessing it is to have a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery, and child!!! I am soooo THANKFUL for the health of my child and my family in general! I hope that we all can remember how fragile, and what a miracle life is! Live each day to the fullest and treat your loved ones like it is the last day you will have with them, you won't regret it, because you never know what life can and will bring! I send my deepest sympathies to the families that have to go through this life changing trial, it makes me ever so grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel and Eternal Families! We will see all of our loved ones again if we are Sealed for Time and All Eternity! Let us all thank our Heavenly Father every minute for our families and our health!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Dani....and THRILLER!!!

Today is my adorable cousin, who is also one of my best friends, Dani's 21st birthday! How fun to be 21 on the 21st! The only down part is she is in Boston going to school and we won't be able to celebrate with her! She is such a beautiful person and always is thinking of others! She is so creative, fun, warm hearted, thoughtful, and outgoing! Love you Dani Dear, we hope you enjoy your 21 gifts we sent on your 21st birthday!

Dani, Me, and Amber
Sorry Dani this is the most recent pic I have of you!

So last night we went out for a fun thrilling night with my family! We went to dinner and then headed to Kingsbury hall for the annual tradition of seeing Odyssey's ever so fabulous Thriller!!! Thanks to my Mom we were able to go and get great seats! Front row of the Balcony! If you have never seen this show, it is a must! Amazing dancing, lots of laughs, and a great way to get into the scary feeling of Halloween!

This girl greeted us at the front stairs as you walk into the show! Me and My Man enjoying the Show, he loves it! Mal and her friend Dre who had not ever seen the show
Carina, Jason, (newbies to the show as well) My Mom, and Taylor all making ugly faces
One of the many zombies, she was climbing down the chairs to come scare us

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Birthday Party in Logan!

This weekend was the Miller fam Fall birthday party get together at Meagan and Brett's house in Logan! We actually drove up Friday after we took our family pictures and spent the night which was really fun. Saturday morning the boys went golfing and the girls stayed home with the babies and got ready for the afternoon! We had a fabulous time with yummy lunch, desserts, and games! It was beautiful weather and we spent a lot of time outside in their newly landscaped yard! Thank you Meags and Brett for having us all up there you were wonderful Hosts!!!

Darrren, Christina, and Meags Grandpa Scott and Grandma Lu
Cupcake after eating a yummy orange marsh mellow pumpkin
Meags and Me
Cupcake out playing in the yard
Maddie and Dan
Baby Max
Cupcake and Cousin Makayla
Me and Daddy watching football
Em, Max, Zach, and Kaden

Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday and Cornbelly's!

Happy Birthday Malibu!!! My sister Mallory is turning 23 on Saturday and so since Mike and I are going to be out of town on Saturday, for his sister Meagan's Birthday, we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate Thursday night! We went to the new Olive Garden in A.F. and don't worry we waited for an hour and 10 min!!! Crazy huh?! I want to let Mal know how much I love her and how important she is to me! She has such a huge heart and loves everyone no matter what! She works two jobs so she is always so busy, she is my best friend and a great Aunt to Cupcake!!! We love you Mal have a fabulous 23rd Birthday!

Malibu being sung to at Olive GardenFamily portrait...look at cupcake's face hahaCupcake and Grandma Patti playing with glowsticks Jason and CarinaBri and Uncle ScottTaylor and his purple hat
On Wednesday we went to Cornbelly's with Carina, Jason, Hunter, and baby Connor. We had a lot of fun jumping in the princess bouncer, riding the cow train, watching the singing chickens, going down slides, picking out Pumpkins, and watching the pig race!!! Thanks to the Lindsay's for inviting us!

Cupcake picking out her Pumpkin

Hunter and Cupcake jumping in the Princess bouncer...they didn't want to get out they both loved it....I know what to do for her 2nd birthday!!! Mommy helping with the slide Watching some of the bigger kids play in the corn pit
Riding the cow train.....haha
Posing on the big rocking chair

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thankful Thoughts #2

I know I said I was going to do these Thankful Thoughts posts on Sundays but I think I will have to change that to just whenever I get around to it. haha We have too many Sundays when we are spending time with Family and also with each other, and sometimes I just can't pull myself away from that much needed time with family especially when its one on one with my sweet hubby and darling these will just be posted when I get to it each week!

This weeks Thankful Thought is kind of looking in retrospect at what I didn't realize was so wonderful that I needed to be more grateful and thankful for!!! My little cupcake has decided now that she is one she is only going to take one nap a day instead of two!!! I obviously don't know what that little mind of hers is thinking but if she could talk I think that is what she would say. She has always been such a great sleeper, she started sleeping through the night at two months (yea for babywise) and she has most of the time been fabulous a taking naps! I usually just get her, her blankie, binkie, and read her a book and lay her down and she would just fall asleep and take 2 - 2 1/2 hour naps! Lately my little sleeper has stopped being so cooperative, and is only taking one nap and it takes her about 20 min. to fall asleep! So instead of being sad about her only taking one nap now (which I really can't complain cause they are about 3-4 hours long) I am going to be thankful for all this time that she has been taking two naps!!! haha

I love this pic!!! She is such a funny sleeper, she has to have lots of blankets mostly the pink silky one and the green fuzzy one that she is laying on that doesn't match her bedding I know but she loves it!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family, Fall, and Fun...

Like I have said before between both of our families we have tons of birthdays in the Fall especially October! So we will be posting a lot about birthday get togethers! On Wednesday some of the girls in my family went to Gardner Village for Melyssa and Carina's birthdays! We had a yummy lunch, then walked through all the witchy goodness that they have going on right now up there and also walked through all the cute shops! Happy Birthday Girlies! Mal, My Mom, Me and Cupcake all went to Chilli's and the Mall on Friday just for fun it was good to get out with all 4 girls for once! Mal is usually working so it was great to spend time with her! It's always great to be with Family in the Fall having Fun!!! haha...

The Girls (and Connor) After lunch
Patti, Carina, Connor, Me, Steph, Cupcake, Melyssa, and GeorgiaJacquie and Amber were there as wellMe and my darling Aunt StephCupcake was loving the pickle!She loves stuffed animalsShe thought the Pumpkins were fascinatingAunt Malibu, Cupcake (eating fishies), and Grandma PattiCupcake and MommyCute little Halloween outfit.....thanks Auntie Lee and Uncle Roman for the cute shirt!Daddy and his little Princess.....soooo tender