Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is Singing Loud For All To Hear!

We had such an exciting, fun, crazy Christmas and I thought before I posted all the madness I should post about a few things that we did leading up to it! Cupcake had her first Preschool Christmas performance which was so cute and a little crammed with all the parents and Grandparents in Miss Misti's house! Also my darling singing groups, Vivid Vocals, had the opportunity to perform their Christmas show a few times! They were darling and did such an amazing job!

Cupcake at Miss Misti's after her Christmas Program

Daddy, Monkey, Cupcake, and Me
Grandma Patti came to watch!! Grandma came a little late and when she walked in of course cupcake was so excited and couldn't contain herself and kept shouting "Hi Grandma!" and waving! So so cute!

Waiting patiently for her turn... I was up on a chair taking pics an recording...see what I mean by pretty crammed!

My Darling little Tiny Tunes...they did so amazing! Aren't they just the cutest things ever!?!

Another shot of another show...I am missing the pic of my older girls that also performed...I will post it when I get it from one of their cute Mom's (my camera had died)

More Festivities to come...

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Our Thanksgiving was fun and of course filled with lots and lots of family and food! We literally celebrated all week but we are truly grateful for all the family that we have and love so dearly!

Cupcake and Kaia striking a pose Our fam at my Mom's after a long day of Thanksgiving goodness...

Monkey and Cupcake at the Miller family get together...

Daddy and Cupcake...oh and of course Rudolph!

Cupcake and Max Man...Yes I totally took a pic during the prayer! But this was so tender...

Happy Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dani Louise's Wedding!

My darling cousin Dani got married a few weekends ago and funny enough these two lovebirds met on their missions in Kirtland! They both looked stunning and minus the cold weather at the Temple everything was beautiful! Congrats Mr and Mrs Wilkinson! Dani and Cupcake...
The Mother of the Bride...My Aunt Steph!

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearers...

All of us girl cousins, and some of her mission companions were Bridesmaids

This was right before the ring ceremony...Dani and Winston asked Me and the hubby to sing for the turned out Perfect!At the wedding the glare on my face from the drinking glasses

Cupcake working Bri's cute!

Me and Bri waiting for the dancing to begin!

The girlies...with the bride

So I wanted a pic with my fam and the Newlyweds but Cupcake was too busy dancing and playing and Daddy and Monkey went home early due to a grumpy little I did it by myself!

So after all the fun was had we all grabbed ribbon streamers and watched the couple walk through them and head off to Paris! Such a great day!