Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monkey Man!

I have been such a slacker on posting on how our little Monkey Man is growing and doing...I just can't believe that he is almost already 4 months!!! It is just going by soooo fast...I cannot even imagine how time will pass when we are on a third of fourth kid! haha! Well anyway our little Monkey is doing wonderful, like I said he is almost 4 months and before I go to is 4 month well check and get all the new stats I thought I would get caught up on old ones!
Our little MonkeyAt 2 months he was
23.5 inches and in the 73%,
11 lbs and in the 50% and
in the 8% percent for head circumference...haha so cute!
At 2 weeks his stats were
20.5 inches long 47%
8.1 lbs 26%
and 11% for head circumference
Cupcake and Monkey
A few things to remember about our little guy
-He eats like a true boy! 6 oz every 3 hours
- Everyone says He is the smiliest baby they have ever seen!
-He has been sleeping threw the night since about 8 weeks
-He loves to be swaddled
-He is for sure a Momma's Boy
-He loves to be held by anyone
-He could be entertained by his sister all day long
-He is a total binki baby
-He also loves his soft stuffed puppy when he is falling asleep
-He truly is such a great baby!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday Goodness!!!

So for anyone who knows me...they know that I LOVE birthdays! No matter who's we are celebrating...I love everything about birthdays! But November happens to be my birthday month! Yes I said month...haha! My family likes to tease me because I stretch my celebrating over the whole month! And this year was a fabulous birthday month! I have lots of pics so I will let them do the talking but I have to give a ginormous shout out to my amazing hubby who threw me a surprise b-day dinner! I am so hard to pull one over on so he enlisted the help of some of my best girl friends and totally shocked me...and the hubby of the year award for sure goes to mine!!! Thank you sweetie it was fabulous and I am still surprised!!! Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate my Birthday Goodness!!!

Daddy and Me at the Jazz game...my Dad gave us great tickets! Mal and Me at Hale Theaters The Drowsy Chaperone...our Uncle Jason and Aunt Carina gave us tickets for our b-days! Such a fun show!
Carina, Jason, Me, My cute friend Kelly who played the lead female role, and Mal Daddy, Dan, Jared, Maddie, Me, and Barb at an event for Daddy's work this was our celebration with the crew!!!
The Girlies
Me and My Hubby of the year!!! At Macaroni Grill, one of my faves for the big surprise dinner!
Josh, Tyler, and Whitney
Annika and Charlie
Lloyd and Chelsie
Jake and Mel
On my actually bday we went out to dinner with our good friends Pat and Maryann
Every year we have a get together with Daddy's side of the Fam for all the Fall bdays in Logan at Meag and Bretts house...We had a blast like usuall and the weather was Beautiful
Max and Cupcake decorating caramel apples!
Me and My Cupcake!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween Fun!

We had lots of fun this Halloween Cupcake actually understood it and for about 3 months prior to the big event was telling me she wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story! The week was full of fun things to do and we took full advantage of them...we carved pumpkins, visited Grandparents, trick or treated on Main Street, had an indoor trick or treat with our stake, and ate lots of good food and candy of course!!!

Our fun Pumpkins all lit up!

The pumpkin carvers.... Mommy and Cupcake with my owl pumpkin...Cupcakes was a princess crown of course!
Me and my sis Mal
My very own little pumpkin...He is getting so chubby that I couldn't resist a pumpkin costume!
Little Miss Jessie
Daddy and Cupcake in the scary room at the indoor trick or treat! Cupcake was not digging this room too much..."I scaried Mommy"
Cupcake and Marli eating their cake walk winnings!
Daddy and his little goblins all tuckered out from all the Halloween goodness!
Cupcake and Monkey together in their costumes!
Happy Halloween 2010!