Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monkey Man!

I have been such a slacker on posting on how our little Monkey Man is growing and doing...I just can't believe that he is almost already 4 months!!! It is just going by soooo fast...I cannot even imagine how time will pass when we are on a third of fourth kid! haha! Well anyway our little Monkey is doing wonderful, like I said he is almost 4 months and before I go to is 4 month well check and get all the new stats I thought I would get caught up on old ones!
Our little MonkeyAt 2 months he was
23.5 inches and in the 73%,
11 lbs and in the 50% and
in the 8% percent for head circumference...haha so cute!
At 2 weeks his stats were
20.5 inches long 47%
8.1 lbs 26%
and 11% for head circumference
Cupcake and Monkey
A few things to remember about our little guy
-He eats like a true boy! 6 oz every 3 hours
- Everyone says He is the smiliest baby they have ever seen!
-He has been sleeping threw the night since about 8 weeks
-He loves to be swaddled
-He is for sure a Momma's Boy
-He loves to be held by anyone
-He could be entertained by his sister all day long
-He is a total binki baby
-He also loves his soft stuffed puppy when he is falling asleep
-He truly is such a great baby!


Bri, Ash and Ty said...

So cute! He looks a lot like his daddy! Love the pictures with the fall leaves!

piper said...

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