Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween Fun!

We had lots of fun this Halloween Cupcake actually understood it and for about 3 months prior to the big event was telling me she wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story! The week was full of fun things to do and we took full advantage of them...we carved pumpkins, visited Grandparents, trick or treated on Main Street, had an indoor trick or treat with our stake, and ate lots of good food and candy of course!!!

Our fun Pumpkins all lit up!

The pumpkin carvers.... Mommy and Cupcake with my owl pumpkin...Cupcakes was a princess crown of course!
Me and my sis Mal
My very own little pumpkin...He is getting so chubby that I couldn't resist a pumpkin costume!
Little Miss Jessie
Daddy and Cupcake in the scary room at the indoor trick or treat! Cupcake was not digging this room too much..."I scaried Mommy"
Cupcake and Marli eating their cake walk winnings!
Daddy and his little goblins all tuckered out from all the Halloween goodness!
Cupcake and Monkey together in their costumes!
Happy Halloween 2010!