Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lots of Cake...

We have been eating lots of cake the last couple of weeks! Last week was one of my good friend's, from way back when, Wedding! Zack and Afton were both darling friends from when I performed at Center Stage, they both looked great and the reception was like a mini reunion of all the old group members that I performed with, they are all so fun and it was so good to catch up with everyone! This week was my Dad's birthday and we did our traditional birthday get together, for dinner out and presents and cake back at my Dad and Tam's House. We are so grateful for him and all he does for us! Happy B-day Dad! Also my darling cousin AshLee annouced that she is Preggo!!! We are so excited for her and know that she and Rod are going to make great Parents!

Jamine Heath, David Heath, Chris Higbee, Zack Wilson, Afton Delgrosso-Wilson, Jake Route, Jamie Emmons, Annie Housekeeper, Jaremy Hill, (in front) Ashley Delgrosso-Costa, Me, and Katie Higbee.
Dinner at Happy Sumo, for Dad's Happy Birthday
Dad, Tam, Hubby, Cupcake, Me, Annie, Amanda, Kaia, Jenna, Joe, and Tregan Our little Fam waiting for our yummy food Kaia and Daddy cheesin it!Cupcake and Kaia loving each other as usual...they are the bestest friends!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Summer Adventures

Our Summer has been so fun and eventful it will be sad when its over, but my oh my am I ready for the Fall!!! Last week Cupcake and I went to Discovery Gateway with my Cousin Bri who was nannying the Gardner girls, Paisley and Addie. Cupcake loves the girls so we got to spend lots of time with them, between the park, their pool, Discovery Gateway, and lots more, its pretty obvious we had a blast! This past week we were able to go to the Temple for my cousin Dani who will be serving a mission and received her Endowments. Last but not least Sunday was my darling Mother-in-Law's birthday party and its always fun getting together with Daddy's side of the family. So her are more of our Summer Adventure's as promised!
She was loving Discovery Gateway!Cupcake loved all the water inventions Cupcake and Paisley riding the really big horse at Discovery GatewayPaisley, Addie, Cupcake, and Me walking downtown at the Gateway Mall, headed for the water park!
I think was the most fun she had all day on the little quarter machine ride...haha kids are so easily entertained! She was a little scared of the did shoot up really high and really fast!Me and Cupcake taking a quick snapshot....ohhhh how I love her!!!Cupcake sporting her princess shades, because lately everything has to be about princesses
My Beautiful Mother-in-Law on her Birthday
Cupcake and Mal being silly
Kaden, Mal, Em, Me, and Maddie at Lu's for her Birthday!
Dani, Me, and Bri at Dinner after Dani received her endowments
Morgan and Cupcake....adorable
Cupcake took about 5 feather headbands that I made and decided to wear them around the house one morning, she loves accessories!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baptism, Birthdays, and Boating!

We have been up to so much this summer that I have too much to post so then I end up posting nothing until later when I try and cram it all into one! We have been going to lots of family events including a Baptism, Birthdays, and some Boating here and there. My darling Aunt Carina was just recently baptized and we were able to be there! We also had two first birthdays in our families. We love our family so much and don't know how we would stay busy without them!!!

Jason, Connor, Carina, and Hunter at Carina's BaptismMax and Maddie blowing out Max's birthday Candle!!!Daddy kissing cupcake at Max's bdayMommy and Cupcake at the partyConnor eating his heart out at his 1st bday....Cupcake and Hunter being cake monstersHunter and Cupcake playing in one of Connor's birthday presents... Daddy and Cupcake watching Connor opening his presents Annie, Cupcake, Tregan, Kaia, and Joe taking a ride on the tube,
It's always a blast boating with Grandpa Walker Cupcake, Mommy, and Kaia snuggling up on the Boat Cupcake obviously had too much fun! Thanks to everyone for keeping our summer fun-filled!!!
More summer adventure posts to come...