Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday To Our Mr. Incredible

Daddy with Mr. Incredible at Disneyland Daddy celebrated his 29th birthday while we were in Disneyland, I know this is a late post but I want him to know how much I love him and appreciate all he does for our family! He is my best friend and the most wonderful Father, Honey you mean the world to us and we are so grateful that you are ours FOREVER!

10 Things I Love Most About You! (my list could go on forever)

1- You always think of everyone before yourself
2- You take such good care of me and Cupcake
3- You are an incredibly hard worker
4- You bring the Priesthood into our home
5- You can always put a smile on any one's face
6- You are so kind and loving to so many people
7- You have an infectious personality
8- You are a huge Movie and Music buff
9- You love to shop with me! How can I not love that
10- You are the most wonderful Hubby and Father anyone could ask for!

Me and my Handsome Hubby at His B-day Dinner with his family

5 Things Cupcake Loves Most About You!
1- You always give me the best kisses, hugs, and snuggles
2- You sing and play your guitar for me
3- You love me unconditionally
4- You always want whats best for me
5- You make me laugh like no one else can!
Cupcake and Daddy in Disneyland...she loves him so much

Happy Birthday Babe!!! We Love You!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

So In Love With "Mimmie" aka Minnie

We got home from our Disneyland adventure late Wed. night and were completely exhausted! We had a blast! Once we finally got settled in, (we ended up changing Hotels after the first night.) Cupcake loved being with her all the family and being out in the nice weather which let me just mention was in the 80's the whole trip......Fabulous I know! I swear we did all of the rides at least three times, some even more, ate lots of good, over priced food in Disneyland also at Cheesecake Factory, CPK, and ESPN Zone, relaxed in the Hotel's hot tub every night, saw lots of fun characters, Cupcake was so in love with "Mimmie" she kept asking for Minnie everywhere we went, and of course took more pictures than necessary! My Mom was so wonderful to take us on this great trip, that we enjoyed every minute of!................Sorry Picture Overload!

Daddy and Cupcake on the PlaneMommy and Cupcake on the Teacups.....I hate that ride!

kissing Mickey on the noseThe whole clan with Mickey MouseIn Minnie's House a.k.a. Cupcake's HeavenOn the Buzz Lightyear ride she didn't like the gun very muchThe Miller Fam in front of Pooh CornerThis was Cupcake's Favorite rideMe, Cupcake and Daddy on PiratesMommy's favorite......TinkerbellDaddy and Cupcake in California AdventureDaddy and Cupcake in California AdventureAll of us posing on for a quick pic in front of the castleCupcake dancing in her Minnie hat in Downtown DisneyCupcake loved the finding Nemo ride she wouldn't take her head out of the windowWe loved meeting Minnie, this is one of like 4 timesHere is another....kinda blurry thoughWe were showing our inner Disney charactersShe was terrified of the Monsters INC ride, the only time she really got scaredGetting ready to go home

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disneyland Here We Come...

Yea!!! We are on our way....we are so excited for Cupcake to finally experience one of our most favorite places to Vacation! We will be back soon and will have tons of pics and I am sure lots of stories and experiences to post about!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Most Magical Place On Earth.....The Countdown Begins!

We are so excited for our trip to Disneyland, which is quickly approaching! We leave next Friday and are thrilled to finally have a vacation! Daddy has not taken a vacation in almost 3 years! He is crazy, I know! Cupcake and I went to Idaho with my family in the summer, without Daddy which was really hard, so this will be our first official Family Vacation together. Cupcake has been so into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (the show on the Disney Channel) for about 6 months now and has been particularly fond of "Mimmie" as she would say it aka Minnie Mouse, she also loves Daisy, and Pluto! I was around her age when I had my first Disney experience, my Mom and Grandma took me to DisneyWorld, I loved all the characters and the rides, so I am hoping we will have the same kind of turnout with Cupcake! She is pretty fearless so I think the trip will be a success! We will keep you posted on all the fun leading up to, during, and after!