Friday, January 23, 2009

So In Love With "Mimmie" aka Minnie


We got home from our Disneyland adventure late Wed. night and were completely exhausted! We had a blast! Once we finally got settled in, (we ended up changing Hotels after the first night.) Cupcake loved being with her all the family and being out in the nice weather which let me just mention was in the 80's the whole trip......Fabulous I know! I swear we did all of the rides at least three times, some even more, ate lots of good, over priced food in Disneyland also at Cheesecake Factory, CPK, and ESPN Zone, relaxed in the Hotel's hot tub every night, saw lots of fun characters, Cupcake was so in love with "Mimmie" she kept asking for Minnie everywhere we went, and of course took more pictures than necessary! My Mom was so wonderful to take us on this great trip, that we enjoyed every minute of!................Sorry Picture Overload!

Daddy and Cupcake on the PlaneMommy and Cupcake on the Teacups.....I hate that ride!

kissing Mickey on the noseThe whole clan with Mickey MouseIn Minnie's House a.k.a. Cupcake's HeavenOn the Buzz Lightyear ride she didn't like the gun very muchThe Miller Fam in front of Pooh CornerThis was Cupcake's Favorite rideMe, Cupcake and Daddy on PiratesMommy's favorite......TinkerbellDaddy and Cupcake in California AdventureDaddy and Cupcake in California AdventureAll of us posing on for a quick pic in front of the castleCupcake dancing in her Minnie hat in Downtown DisneyCupcake loved the finding Nemo ride she wouldn't take her head out of the windowWe loved meeting Minnie, this is one of like 4 timesHere is another....kinda blurry thoughWe were showing our inner Disney charactersShe was terrified of the Monsters INC ride, the only time she really got scaredGetting ready to go home


KellyB said...

oh my gosh. I LOVE LOVE LOVED all those pics!! I love her hand up while she is looking out the window, I love her smile on that huge flower, I love the head tilt in the hat, hahahaha, and I LOVE her scared face on the monsters inc ride. SO SO SO FUN!! Does she know she is so cute?! ha.

Curt, Lace and Harper said...

Tiff it looked like you guys had so much fun. Pres is so stinkin Cute in all of those pics. I love the one where she is on the tea cups. That scared look on Monster's Inc. was so funny! We need to get together soon. Just let me know what works for ya.

Melanie and Billy Hunter said...

Disneyland is the best!! It was so fun to see you their! Your little girls is so adorable!! It looks like you had alot of fun! Ps your Mom looks like your sister! She looks fabulous!

Kendall said...

Oh My Goodness!!!! I am so jealous. I am so glad that you all had such a great time and I'm glad you're back now. Cupcake looked like she really enjoyed herself. I think Rhaegan would love it as well. Maybe we'll have to take a trip down there together sometime.

Michael, Kristen and Jayla said...

it looks like you had a blast in disneyland. You guys are a cute family