Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting So Big!

Cupcake is just getting so big, and is having so much fun being able to do all the things that the big kids do! Monday we went to a birthday party for Preston at Jumpin Jacks in Springville! She had so much fun, I on the other hand am still sore!!! She is getting big but not big enough to crawl up all the blow up toys, so I had to carry her up and those things are not easy to trek up! We did have lots of fun though! Afterwords since we were in Springville we went to visit Grandma Patti and Cupcake loved snuggling with her! We also a few days later went to decorate Halloween cookies with Hunter and Carina! Again Mommy had to help out a lot! But we are having such a blast discovering what Cupcake enjoys doing! Thanks for all the fun activities Nancy and Carina!

Cupcake crawling through the big toys!
Getting ready to go up to the big slide
After sliding down the slide! I would usually let her go down and then come down after and she thought that was really funny!
Cupcake snuggling with Grandma Patti Decorating and eating cookiesHunter covered in black frosting!
Such cute cousins!!