Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!

The First Trick or Treating experienceCupcake as TinkerbellDanny and Sandy (from Grease)
She loved to stop and try to eat each piece of Candy that was put in her bucket
The Lindsay girls all dressed up We had such a great not on Halloween, despite the fact that Daddy and I were both sick! We started the evening at our ward's trunk-or-treat, which was so fun to see all of friends from our ward dressed up! Cupcake did not really understand trick-or-treating though! She understood to take her bucket to the people we led her to, and they would give her something, but then she would sit down each time take out the treat and want to eat it! It was so cute and hilarious but eventually we had to give her a sucker to keep her hands full, there were lots of trunks! We had a couple family parties to attend and everyone looked so good in their costumes! Thank you to the Jason and Carina and Jason and Ashley for the spooky fun and the amazing food!