Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weeks End....

Well since my Birthday week has almost officially come to an end (tomorrow) :( I thought I would post the pics from the fun Birthday dinners and lunches! I have to say that my family spoiled me pretty badly!!! My Mom took us out to PF Chang's, Daddy was really sick so he stayed home, but the food was delicious especially the Great Wall of Chocolate Cake! She gave me a new blow dryer, some hair accessories to go along with it, and a brand new bedroom set!!! Ya you read right, I told her it had to be counted as our Christmas gift as well! I will post pics of it when it gets delivered to our house. Grandma Lu made us a wonderful lunch and gave me a purse, jewelry (of course), picture frames, and some wonderful cookbooks! Justin and Jessie gave me an adorable new sweater and earrings to match! My Dad took us to Macaroni Grill and Tam (my step-mom) was sick so she didn't get to enjoy the divine food, but we had a blast and in keeping with tradition got a Magelby's Chocolate cake and headed to my Dad's to open gifts! Joe and Jenna gave me the Faith Hill Christmas C.D., love it! Annie gave me Lotion and Hand Soap, My Dad and Tam gave me........Celine Dion tickets!!! Ya no worries I did cry when I realized what it was! The girls on my side of the fam also kept with tradition by going to lunch and J.T. came not knowing it was an all girl thing.....haha we love you J.T.! Steph gave me a beautiful Vera Wang scarf, Grandma gave me a frame and an ornament, Melissa and Fam gave me a cute scarf, earrings and comfy cozy socks! What a fun week and thank you everyone for all your gifts and Birthday wishes!!! I feel soooo spoiled I can't wait til next year....hehe!

Me, Cupcake, Grandma Patti, Taylor, Mallory, and Spenser At PF Chang's
Cupcake's New "Cheeeese" FaceJust like Mommy she loves Chocolate CakeGrandpa Mike, Daddy, Me, Annie, Cupcake, Joe, Kaia, Jenna, and Tregen
At Macaroni Grill
The FamMall and Me at Red RobinThe Girls lunch including J.T., Hunter, Connor
Cupcake posing at Grandma Lu's, she walked around putting those on and off all dayThe fam with Daddy being sickey

Kisses....sooooo cuteie cute as we would say


curtandlace said...

Tiff it looks like you had a great day. Sorry that I missed Friday with you and Chels. Let's get together soon.
Love ya Girlie

The Lindsays said...

Wow, so much stuff! Glad you had a great week! Only you would celebrate for a whole week! haha, love ya Tiff. Can we say Jason's Deli? Just a craving...