Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Cupcake!

Hope you enjoy all the Birthday Pics!

We cannot believe that one year has already passed since we were blessed with our beautiful baby girl! We have had quite the year, between going from helpless little infant to rolling over, sitting up, teething, holding her own bottle and sippy cup, crawling everywhere, saying her first words, walking, understanding and learning so much, and just coming into her own little personality! We are so proud to be her parents and grateful to have this little one, who is not so little anymore, apart of our eternal family! We just hope and pray that we can be the kind of parents that she needs! We love her and thank our Heavenly Father continually for her and the wonderful spirit she brings to our home! Happy 1st Birthday Cupcake!!!

10 Things We Love About Our Little Cupcake!

1- She is almost always happy!! She hardly ever cries, she usually just kind of whimpers when she is upset!

2- We love her smile! It's so big, beautiful, and very contagious!

3- She gives the best kisses and hugs! Especially when Mike comes home he doesn't even ask her for them she just gives him lots of kisses!

4- We love when she does all the actions to songs that have actions to them, ex. apple tree, monkeys jumping on the bed, and 5 little cute!

5- She is such a good sleeper! We read her a book and just put her in her crib and she just goes to sleep and sleeps through the night and has been since she was 2 months old! How can you not love that!

6- She loves music and is so adorable when she dances to it! In the car is the best cause she just swings her arms everywhere, laughing and smiling all the while!

7- We love that she is so smart! She loves books, movies, and interactive toys! She could watch Baby Einstein all day if we let her! Which I promise we don't!

8- We love that she is not afraid of other people she is actually quite the social butterfly! She loves everyone and they love her

9- She is a really good eater and eats like she has a mouth full of teeth when she really only has 4!

10- We love the sweet spirit that she brings into our home! We are so thankful for our little Cupcake!


brittney and leeon said...

Tiff the pictures turned out so cute! Happy Birthday Presli!

eRiKa said...

I love Presli's Pictures!
Stephanie did such a great job!

Thacker Family said...

There's nothing like your first baby's first birthday! It really seems just like yesterday...and now he is 10 with 3 younger brothers! I am so glad that you enjoy her so much. She is one blessed little girl!

Gabe & Melissa Miles said...

Those pictures really are so cute. I hope her b-day went good. Sorry we couldn't make it. Gabe had to work and i was up camping for the elk hunt with my family. We really do love Presli though. She is so cute and such a sweet baby. I love that we get to see you guys every week. I am going to be sad when you guys move.