Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thankful Thoughts #2

I know I said I was going to do these Thankful Thoughts posts on Sundays but I think I will have to change that to just whenever I get around to it. haha We have too many Sundays when we are spending time with Family and also with each other, and sometimes I just can't pull myself away from that much needed time with family especially when its one on one with my sweet hubby and darling these will just be posted when I get to it each week!

This weeks Thankful Thought is kind of looking in retrospect at what I didn't realize was so wonderful that I needed to be more grateful and thankful for!!! My little cupcake has decided now that she is one she is only going to take one nap a day instead of two!!! I obviously don't know what that little mind of hers is thinking but if she could talk I think that is what she would say. She has always been such a great sleeper, she started sleeping through the night at two months (yea for babywise) and she has most of the time been fabulous a taking naps! I usually just get her, her blankie, binkie, and read her a book and lay her down and she would just fall asleep and take 2 - 2 1/2 hour naps! Lately my little sleeper has stopped being so cooperative, and is only taking one nap and it takes her about 20 min. to fall asleep! So instead of being sad about her only taking one nap now (which I really can't complain cause they are about 3-4 hours long) I am going to be thankful for all this time that she has been taking two naps!!! haha

I love this pic!!! She is such a funny sleeper, she has to have lots of blankets mostly the pink silky one and the green fuzzy one that she is laying on that doesn't match her bedding I know but she loves it!!!


Thacker Family said...

I just want to eat them when they're asleep! So peaceful.

Nancy said...

I remember preston switching from 2 naps to 1. I like the one nap better, you have a longer block of time to get stuff done and you are only on baby lock down once a day! Enjoy it. It's quite lovely :)