Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gotta Getcha Some!!!

Toby Keith!!!
So Saturday night we were lucky enough to get a chance to go see Toby Keith in concert at Usana!!! My Dad and Step-Mom Tamara called us Monday and said so you guys free on Saturday......cause we have Toby Keith tickets.......15th row!!!! I was dying! My Mom was wonderful enough to drop her plans and babysit for us, which I am sure Cupcake was in Heaven. We had such a great time, Toby played for almost two hours and was extremely entertaining!!! Not to mention incredibly handsome! We also heard this great new band Trailer Choir, if anyone loves country you would love this group they were great! Oh and to make it even better Montgomery Gentry opened for Toby and were amazing as well! All and all we had a fabulous night and my cute hubby Mr. Miller had a fabulous time and I was so proud of him that he stayed up so late...we didn't get to bed til 1! Which is unheard of for him! We had a fabulous night, it was really windy, and almost rained a couple times, but overall it was great. We need to give a huge thanks to Tam and my Dad for taking us!!! We loved it, it was one of the best concerts I have been to!!! Oh and don't you worry I did wear my cowgirl boots!!

My handsome hubby and me, don't mind my wind blown hair....haha it looks so funny!My Dad and Tam, sporting her cute hat!


Gabe & Melissa Miles said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I'm so jealous you got to go and do that, especually since I am a die hard country fan. See you soon.
P.S. your tags are really cute!!

Matt and Jenna said...

Look at you going to all these fun things!! So I was reading down your blog...I had no idea you loved pageants! I always tell me husband I'm going to enter day! I love them! Anyway I'm so glad I met you! Can't wait to see the pictures!