Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feeling Crafty!

Diaper Cake I made for Lindsay and cute baby boy, Owen to come!
So I had a baby shower and a bridal shower to attend this Saturday, and since I have been making some fun props for Cupcake's 1st birthday pictures and some fun things for her actual birthday bash I was feeling rather crafty. I was just not in the mood to throw a gift in a bag and call it I decided to make a diaper cake for Lindsay's baby shower, and for Lisa's bridal shower I kinda just threw a cute little gift together that just looked crafty but it really wasn't! Like I said I have been working on some fun stuff for Cupcake's B-day pics and B-day; a couple tool skirts, a little flower wand to go with her Halloween outfit and her B-day pics, and I have been making her invites! I have been having so much fun figuring out how to put together and make everything and I love doing it myself and saving tons of money.......I have always been a sucker for a bargain! So her is a little preview of some of the fun projects I am working on!
Cute fall bridal shower gift for LisaTool tutu for Presli's Birthday Party (its not quite done yet)
I am also working on a brown and pink one

Flower wand to go with Presli's Halloween costume (a brown/pink one is in the works too)Presli was sitting on her chair and watched Baby Einstein so well while my Mom and I ate lunch and I worked on all my projects, this is the face she makes when you say "smile"


Thacker Family said...

Wow, I can't believe you made all of that stuff! You are so talented.

Lindsay said...

Cute stuff!!!! You are very crafty! When I brought the diaper cake home from the shower Travis looked at it and thought it was so cool!!!! He had never seen one before. I love it! You are so sweet Tiff!

Dani Lou said...

FREAKING CUTE!!!! I'm so jealous of your talents! And of your baby... I love the new face!!! Miss your guts!