Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GTU Junkie!!!

Me with the GTU girls when I guest co-hosted So as you all know I am kind of a Good Things Utah junkie! I even got to be a guest co-host on the show a couple months back! I love the table talk that they have aka gossip...most of the time! I also love watching the cooking and crafting segments, I am always up for a new recipe or craft! They always showcase some cute fashions, the greatest deals, (real deals on Mondays) and what is going on in Utah! The GTU girls are really nice and super down to earth, I just love the show!!! Its on all week at 10 am on channel 4! My friend Carly is co-hosting today so try to watch... Good Luck Carly, and you never now you might just get hooked!!!

The fam that came to support me on the show.


The Bentleys said...

AH! NO WAY!?! hahaha... SO FUN!! They should hire you! You would be SO perfect for that!!

Miles said...

Hey Tiff. Thats so cool you got to go do that. I actually watched the show today. That was your friend? She was cute. She was the UVU girl right? I love good things utah too. I only get to watch it on Wednesdays because thats my days off. We need to get together before you move.