Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun at the Dinosaur Museum and State Fair

Riding the John Deere
Bri, Me, Patti, and Carina
We have had so much fun the past couple weeks! We went to the State Fair with my mom, Bri, Carina, Hunter, and Connor! Cupcake loved being able to just walk around and see all the clowns, animals, farm exhibits, and booths! You can't go to the fair without getting the food, funnel cakes, slushies, pulled pork, and fried potatoes were all enjoyed and devoured! We also went to the Dinosaur Museum this week with Carina, Hunter, and Connor. It was so much fun to see Presli and Hunter interacting together! They are getting old enough to where they are just quite the little buddies! Cupcake copies everything that Hunter does and loves to just follow him and can barely keep up! It is such a riot and so exciting at this age and we can't wait to do more fun stuff with all the family!

Cupcake loved to walk from booth to booth but always stopped at the jewelry!

What a girlie girl Taking a little break They gave the kids these cute baskets to gather things in and she loved holding it Both Cupcake and Hunter couldn't take their eyes off the mooing cow! Me and Bri racing down the Big Yellow Slide Hunter and Cupcake at the Dinosaur Museum They loved to touch, turn, explore and play with everythingMommy and Cupcake inside the cave They loved the Dinosaurs and Hunter kept growling at them and of course Cupcake copied his every move and sound She didn't really enjoy the apron they had to wear to play in the wet sand, it kept tripping her Cupcake was not sure what to think of the sand sticking to her hands....haha so cute! We are so lucky to have family and friends so close to us! Thank you for inviting us to do all these fun activities, Cupcake is lucky to have cousins close to her age to play with and I love being able to visit and laugh the day away!!! Thanks gals!


The Bentleys said...

Those pictures are SO cute! What a doll she is!! I cant believe she is already walking all over the place! What a big girl!!