Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fought For It!!!

Ok so my family (mom, grandma, aunts, and uncles) are originally all from Colorado, so I am a born and bread Bronco's Fan! I have always been and I always will be, even though my hubby is a Chicago Bears fan...sorry babe! haha Anyway, so I know that on Sunday the Bronco's kinda got lucky, but I do have to say that they played really well in the first half! Also, lets be honest when Shanahan decided to have them go for two right at the end that was pretty RAD! My guess is they would have lost otherwise.....so I have to say even though they caught a break they also fought for it there in the end and thats what counts!!!


Rick and Karen Derr said...

You have to post a video from when you were on that show so I can see it. I would of watched if I knew you were on.
Nice craft work!!