Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Phases and A Long Labor Day Weekend!

Cupcake showing off her two new top teeth!!!
I feel like I always say this but, wow did we have one crazy weekend!!! I love long weekends and we did not let one moment of this long Labor Day weekend go to waste! We went to dinner with my Dad and fam, we finally got a new bed (a king which I have been wanting for a while now), visited our good friends Pat and Maryanne who just had their darling baby boy, Desmond, (pics to come later), Daddy, his brothers, and his Dad put in a sprinkler system for his Mom, we went to Koy's (my friend Ashlee's little bro) Mission Farewell, and also have been cleaning our house getting ready for the big move!! Yes, I said move! I will post more about that later! :) Oh and did I mention that Cupcake decided to start fully WALKING!!! She has been taking a few steps between furniture for about two weeks now, but yesterday she started a new phase. We were at the furniture store and she just started walking from bed to bed taking about 15-20 steps at a time. Being that she is not even eleven months yet, we were just a little surprised! Crazy huh?!? Its super cute though cause she is so little, you can sneak a peak of a video of her walking! (at bottom of the post)

My cute niece Kaia, Me, and Cupcake at Happy SumoKaia, Me, and DaddyCupcake, My sis-in-law Jenna, and my sis AndriaCupcake making one of her many silly faces!Scarlet and Ashlee, Jessica and Harper, Me and Cupcake at Koy's Farewell LuncheonAsh, Me, and JessUs girls back to our goofy selves
Cupcake taking some of her first steps!!!
Yes she is WALKING!!!
Baby Steps!



The Ashcraft Family said...

How exciting that presli has started walking...its so fun watching babies all wobbly:) Im excited to hear about this big move too!!! Oh, and Kev got all excited when he saw the his old recliner in the backround of the video...Hope to see you guys soon.

The Bentleys said...

NOW WAY!?!? SHE IS WALKING!! I LOVE IT!! She is growing up WAY too fast! I think she needs a little brother or sister...

curtandlace said...

Tiff cute pics. Yeah for Presli and walking. Yes do post soon about the move. Sorry we couldn't meet up today!

Thacker Family said...

I can't believe that she's walking! My Dawson isn't even walking yet. Good job, Presli!

Lindsay said...

once again i will say you have the most beautiful family! The last couple of nights I have had scary nightmares of giving birth. I am freaked out of my mind!!!! Any comforting words??? love you