Thursday, January 20, 2011

What A GREAT Day!!!

My wonderful Hubby turned 31 last week! We kinda kept it casual and got together with friends and family a few times! Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us...So I thought I would give the hubby a little shout out and let him know why we love him soooo much!
Happy Birthday To YOU!
Some of our great friends out to dinner
Reno, Melanie, Jodi, and TroyAlycia and Roman
Barb and Bear...aka Jared
Dan and Maddie
Josh and Candice

Jessie and JustinMe and the Birthday Boy...Maddie took this pic and I loved that it was kinda candid!

We hope you had a wonderful are just a few of the many reasons why we love to call you ours!!!
- You can always make us laugh

-You take such good care of us

-You are an amazing cook

-You are a kid at Heart

- You work so extremely hard

-You are so selfless

-You are a great listener

-You are a worthy priesthood holder

-You love us so much

-You are so supportive of everything we do

-You always look on the bright side

-You are an amazing Daddy

-You are the worlds best snuggler

-You are a wonderful teacher

-You are happy to just be with us doing anything or nothing at all!

We are so happy that you are ours and that you love us with all you have every single day!!! We love you and couldn't imagine our lives without our amazing Daddy and Hubby!!! Love you, and Happy Happy Birthday!