Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Princess Package!

Cupcake received a princess package from my Mom a few days ago and she was soooo excited to open it!...Thanks Grandma PattiShe got a dress, treats, a new princess pool ball, and my mom shipped her favorite movie that I forgot to pack...Princess And The Froghaha she wouldn't open her eyes to smile so we got about 10 of this same shot, I take what I can get when it comes to my two year old though these days!
Cupcake and Daddy were having fun swinging on Sunday...Daddy is more patient than me when it comes to pushing the swing...they were doing this for about 30 minutes!
Cupcake has been pretty mischievous lately...this is the mess she made with her applesauce, while eating dinner, we walked out of the room for all of 10 minutes...haha what can you do other than laugh and take a picture!
She also decided that she wanted some gum...I went to put my swimsuit on in the other room and this is what I came back to, perfectly lined up pieces of empty wrappers and an empty package! Again what can you do other than laugh and take a picture...gotta love two year olds!


Kendall said...

I miss you Tiff. I hope you're having a great time. Keep the posts coming even though it makes me miss you guys even more.

emily+brett said...

looks like your having a blast. your little girlie is just too cute. i love her hair!