Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lots of Sweets...

So this week we have had tons of fun and lots of sweets with the other wives and kiddos...we went to lunch on Saturday and got amazing service at a fast food restaurant, we made and decorated sugar cookies, and we went to a cute little ice cream parlor! We are still great and going through the usual routine here...We are loving it and Daddy is doing really well!

Cupcake enjoying her bubblegum ice cream... Cupcake hammin it up with Erin (one of the cute wives)
Me and Cupcake...she kept putting her face up to mine to take the cute
Char and Jodi...
Two of the cute wives at the cookie making and decorating afternoon
Chelsea and Me two of the four preggo wives
Cam and Cupcake eating the star sprinkles off of the cookies
Cheeese...hello the camera is over here
She was really focused on frosting the cookie...she actually did really well!
We had tons of fun with everyone and made tons of cookies...


The Condies said...

So I know Chelsea!!!! She is so dang cute! Her husband Ty and Brock played football together down at Snow. We love them and I can see why you guys are friends! Tell her hi for me! Miss you guys!