Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daddy Time...

On Wednesday morning we were lucky enough to go to the pool with Daddy!!! Cupcake loved it...she usually just likes to do her own thing in the pool but this pool day she just wanted to play with Daddy...they were so cute together and Daddy sure does love his Cupcake a whole bunch! Nothing is better than sweet moments of family time like this...We sure do love our Daddy!!!
Cupcake and Daddy...she was smiling but didn't want to look up cause it was a little too bright!
Daddy catching Cupcake...I love his face and her Superman jump, oh and his wicked farmers tan haha that's what happens when he is outside all day workingAll of the Dad's kept catching the frogs nearby and Cupcake loved looking at them but wouldn't touch...But cute little Ava had no problem holding the frog! Cupcake has a fake snake that is the best we could get out of her...
Fun with Daddy