Friday, August 1, 2008

Grandma Lindsay's 65th!!!

So Grandma Lindsay turned 65 last month and we decided we needed to throw her a big birthday dinner! We figured that we would make it semi-formal because she has always wanting to make everything beautiful and fancy for everyone else, she deserved a fancy-shmancy Birthday Dani made the cake of course, I put the flowers on it though. Steph cooked the food, provided the location, did the invites, and kinda just organized the whole thing. I got the tables, chairs, Slide show (with the help of Jason, Carina, and AshLee) and Centerpieces, and flowers! Everyone came and Grandma thought it was so beautiful and was very happy to have a wonderful dinner with all of her family! She also loved the slide show and the cake!!!

Grandma and CupcakeThe Finished Product
The FamThe Cake in ProcessMy Mom, Me, and Malibu


curtandlace said...

That looks like such a fun night. Yay for having a cousin that is a great chef. The flowers look beautiful. Your Grandma is hottie for being 65!

The Bentleys said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I WISH I COULD MAKE A CAKE LIKE THAT!! HOLY.... POOPER!! My cakes at costco never campared to THAT! haha. jk. no seriously though. What a fun time. Mike looks so handsome in that blue shirt!