Sunday, August 24, 2008

All good things must come to an end!

She's A Summer Baby!!!

So we have had so much fun this summer!!! As we all know summer is coming to an end and the ever so wonderful fall, my favorite season, is about to begin! We did so many fun things this summer between all the great pools, BBQ's, Weddings, Rodeos, Graduations, Outings with Cousins, Boating, Family Pics, and much much more! The last little summer adventure was with my Mom's side of the family to Island Park Idaho, it was so beautiful there! We rode four wheelers, saw waterfalls, some of the crew went to Yellowstone, had pool and fuse ball tournaments, hottubbed, we had a firepit to roast marsh mellows and of course Starburts, (Bri), and last but not least Dani had us all convinced we were all being watched and that St. Peter could see into our futures! Daddy couldn't come, because he had to work and we missed him lots! Thanks to Aunt Steph for all her hard work in planning the trip. All in all is was a wonderful way to end the summer, I thought I would just post a few pics of the last things we did to wrap up this fun and busy summer that we have had!

The Island Park CabinThe Whole GangMal and MeMal, Me, Cupcake, My Mom, and Taylor The girls making facesLots of Swimming this summer
Thanksgiving Point Farms
Family Pics - More to come later

This is how we all feel after this past summer!!!So cute though!!!


Thacker Family said...

What a fun summer! Presli is edible, I just want to chew her cheeks!

Dani Lou said...

St. Peter IS real.... you are going to have nine children!!!
Love the new blog header... ha. And the post. BEST SUMMER EVER! I'm so glad I came home for it... otherwise I'd be in Boston going to concerts and games and NYC... how lame would that have been??
Thanks for playing with me this summer! I love you so much!!!

Nancy said...

love reading your blog. YES, we must get together. when is good for you??? I am babysitting the williams on tuesday and my niece and nephew 24/7 the rest of the week. next week???