Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Crazy Weekend! - Lots of Pics ;)

Jessie, Daddy, Mommy, and Cupcake at the Temple

Friday and Saturday were such Crazy Days for us!!! Friday was the craziest though, the morning started off with my Best Friend Ashlee Jasperson-Fullmer's Graduation at BYU! I'm so proud of her for sticking through school through getting married, moving three times and having two kids she is such a trooper and incredibly determined!Ashlee's Graduation

After the Graduation, Cupcake and I had to go straight to Gardner Village for our cousin Jed's wedding Luncheon, which Daddy was asked to sing at!!! He was so nervous but did awesome! He sang Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay and I always love to hear My Man sing! The video below is just a little bit of the song cause my camera was being touchy! After the Luncheon it was off to my cousin Kate's wedding ceremony and reception! Kate looked beautiful and so was the reception. We then had one more reception to attend, for my friend Suzy Day, in my Hometown good ole Springville! It was so good to see old friends and catch up, I was so busy talking and too tired from the whirlwind day that I forgot to take pics there!

Fau and Kate
Miller Fam at Kate's Reception

Saturday was a little easier but still busy! We got to relax a little in the morning but by Noon we were out the door on our way to Jed and Emma's Sealing in SLC it was beautiful and our little sis Jessie was so nice to come and watch Cupcake for us! Then daddy had some work he needed to do, so I went shopping for Birthday gifts, and then we were off to Daddy's friends annual White Trash BBQ, which was kinda a last minute thing for us so we didn't have time to dress up! But tons of his friends did and it was hilarious!

Maryanne, (and Baby), and Me

Mike's crazy friends Cam and Alyssa

Today was a little more calm, but after church we headed to my Dad's for a BBQ to celebrate his B-day which is on Monday... Happy Birthday Mike! Like I said we had a CRAZY weekend but it was filled with family and lots of fun so it was a good one!!!

Cupcake at Grandpa Walkers B-day Dinner! This is the newest face she has been making! Soooo Cute!


Thacker Family said...

What a beautiful little family, and a beautiful baby girl! Thanks for posting and I'll add you to my list!

Nancy said...

I had no idea mike could sing and play the guitar. He has a great voice! Thanks for sharing :)

The Bentleys said...

oh my GOSH!! that is ALOT of people to see!! So many receptions and get togethers!! How fun! Cute pics! I still cant get over how much you did! We would do that in like a whole month!! That is what we get for moving away from everyone i guess...

Camille Cottle said...

What a great post of pictures! Your baby is growing so fast!