Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun Filled Saturday!!!

Brides, Babies, and Beauty Queens!

Cupcake Playing in Max's new Toy BoxMaddie and Cupcake
Kirsten, Meagan, Me, Cupcake, and Jessie
Me, Christina, and Carly
The Miss Utah Prep Squad

Saturday was a busy day! We had Maddie and Alycia's combined shower! Maddie and Dan are due to have their baby, Max, on August 15th and Alycia and Roman are getting married on August 2nd! We had the shower at Em's (my sis-in-law) House and it was fun to see all of Lu's side of the fam and watch both Maddie and Alycia get ready for these exciting times in their lives! Then later that day my mom and I went to the final night of the Miss Utah Pageant. Christina Miss UVU the girl Carly and I were helping did superb! It was her first year attending Miss Utah and she ended up placing as the 3rd attendant! We were so proud of her! All in all it was a really busy but fun day, as are most the Summer Saturdays in the Miller Home!


Zipper Jones said...

Presli is such an adorable little baby! You will always be our peagant queen!

Lindsay said...

Cute pictures tiff! Your little girl is getting so big. Time for you to have another :)! I got my swimsuits from target and actually the bright pink one from victorias secret (in the biggest size they had it :)). And yes the boy my sister is marrying is charlie alexanders little brother. i saw you had charlie and annikas name on your list so I meant to ask you how you knew them. Annika is so cute! miss ya girl

Camille Cottle said...

I LOVE your blog! I am thrilled to be blog friends now! We will be able to stay in touch. Your baby is DARLING.

Erin S. said...

you have such a cute baby!

bytheway, i loved miss uvu the whole week. i was so glad she did so well.

The Condies said...

Tiff, love the post I stole some pics off your blog, hope that's ok. I cannot download anything to my computer. We need to chat!!!

NWB said...

Hey Tiff! Of course I don't mind if you add me to yours as long as I can add you! I just got your email about the Family pics. I will figure the pricing for 35 and let you know asap. By the way, your baby is adorable!

Laura said...

Hi Tiffany, I don't know if you even remember me or not, but I danced with you at Center Stage for a while, we were in the Jammers together. Don't ask me how I stumbled across your page, but I'm glad I did, cuz I always wondered what happened to you! You look just as cute as you used to and your family is absolutely adorable! Your little girl is already so pretty just like you, she's gonna be a little heartbreaker!