Monday, December 1, 2008

It is my favorite though...

Obviously we have been rather busy, hence the reason for the lack of new posts. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving, as I hope everyone else did! We have so much family and feel so blessed that we were able to spend time with almost all of them this past weekend. Two Saturdays ago we went to the long awaited Coldplay concert which may I just say was.....AMAZING! I have a new found love for Chris Martin, the lead singer. May I also say that I loved, absolutely loved, Twilight!!! I thought I was too obsessed with the book, but oh no I am now officially obsessed with Edward! I know you are probably all thinking, teen book, teen movie....lame, but I really did thoroughly enjoy it! Well anyway we have so much coming up in the next few weeks to come so I hope I don't get behind as I did. Like I said Thanksgiving was Fabulous as is my favorite though! We hope everyone is doing well and survived all the turkey and crazy shopping! Not too much longer til Christmas! P.S. I barely took any pics during the Thanksgiving craziness so these are the few group pics I have!

The Boys at Lu and Scott's for Thanksgiving
Scott, Justin, Reed, Zach, Kaden, Daddy, Brett, Max, Dan, ClayThe Girls
Emily, Lu, Me, Maddie, Dee, Meagan, Makalya, and JessieAndria and MeColdplay!!!The Boys
Dan, Daddy, and Taylor Maddie, Me, Dan, Daddy, and JessieThe Tree that my Mom paid me to decorate for her.......Its about 2/3 finished in this picThis is Cupcakes new Favorite thing to do!!! Watch a movie on her little portable DVD playerSo into her Elmo movie......she even sings the theme song...LaLaLaLaLaLa Elmo's World


KellyB said...

oh my gosh, are you kidding me? I am obsessed with HER!! I LOVE THOSE LAST TWO PICS!! hahahaha.... so funny.

Terry said...

Ok... That is the cutest thing ever! She is really into that movie! Have a great Christmas if I don't see you! I will be in touch by email atleast! love you! Terry

Dani Lou said...

Okay. She cannot be that big! She's HOLDING her own DVD player while sitting upright? My gosh. This can't be! And the fuzz on her head! Slowly but surely, Tiff! HAHA. It looks like you've been having a blast lately! I love the new layout and music, too! Love and miss you all!

eRiKa said...

OH my gosh! Presli is too cute!! I love the last pciture of her and the french fries!

I found out about the ballrooms classes. I left you a message and I don't know if you got it.

If not just call me!

See you Thursday at the temple