Thursday, February 5, 2009

Family Pics - Daddy's Side of the Family

About a month ago we were able to get all of the family together on Daddy's side and had some pics taken by my talented Aunt Stephanie! She is so great and always takes all my pictures for me, we love you Steph and your pictures! We were a little sad because we had planned to take them outside but that specific day when everyone was in town and able to get together to take them, it was like 14 degrees outside, so needless to say we stayed inside. We were hoping for better scenery but you gotta work with what ya got! Stephanie ended up taking like 200 pictures of everyone and every one's individual family! Here are just a few. Literally just a few.
Daddy's Very Big Family!
Daddy has 7 kids in his fam and all are married but the youngest, and there are 5 grand kids
All the Kids with their Dad
Jessie, Alycia, Jeff, Christina, Meagan, Zach, Daddy, and Dan
Us! Cupcake was too interested in all of her Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins to pose!
The boys with their Mama
Dan, Zach, Lu, and Daddy
All the Girls!!!
Jessie, Emily, Christina, Meagan, Maddie, Makayla, Alycia, Lu, Cupcake, and Me
Our Fam with Cupcake blowing kisses


KellyB said...

Oh my gosh! Those pics are SO SO SO CUTE!!! You guys are beautiful!!

kaceytess said...

You're little girl is so cute..I hope you're doing good, I havn't talked to you in a really long time!