Monday, May 25, 2009


We have had so much going on lately, so instead of having a mile long explanation of everything I decided to let the pictures explain what has been happening in our crazy busy life.....Beware lots of pictures!

Me and Cupcake at the Zoo with our friends!
The Kiddos...Cupcake, Harper, Jaydon, Avery, and DakotaDaddy and Cupcake at the Temple
All of Mommy's friends at Josh's Sealing
Tonio, Jeff, Me, Tyler, Josh, and Daddy
Ambie is now officially a college Grad Georgia (cupcake's cousin) Turned 1!
My Fam at Ambie and Georgia's Party
Our little fam at the Logan Temple for Daddy's Cousin Brock's Sealing
Some of the girls on Daddy's side of the fam
The whole clan that came to the Temple
Brock and McCall
Cupcake and her best friend Kaia
Daddy, Cupcake, and Mommy at Annie's Birthday dinner
The Walker Clan on Mommy's Dad Side out for Annie's B-day
Daddy and His Brother Zach on Mother's Day
Daddy holding the girlie's
Mommy and Cupcake on Mother's Day....the best gift ever!
Cupcake being her normal adorable selfUs with Daddy's Mom, Lu
Cupcake and Bailey at the Tulip Festival